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BOOK RELEASE: “Mysteries Such As These” (a book by Heather Joy)

Hi friends! I hope this finds you all doing well!

I have been keeping busy, busy, busy these past few months! Overwhelmingly busy, actually! I’m not complaining though — it’s been good for me.

And what’s the title of this post all about anyway?! oh THAT! I’m so very excited about this!

As most of you know (at least, those of you who have followed this blog for awhile), I’ve been wanting to write a book for a long time now. In fact, I’ve had a burden about it for awhile. I wanted to write something that would help and encourage people. I wanted to write something that was real…

Well, the day has finally come! I released my first “ebook” yesterday afternoon!

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The awkward things you read on Facebook {chapter 4}.

As I was perusing through my facebook newsfeed a few weeks back I came across a post I thought was both Biblically unsound and quite awkward. However, it’s been a trend lately that the things I find to be awkward, you all don’t think their very awkward at all. Which is upsetting. ish.

I think what actually makes this particular post awkward is the 4th and 6th comment under this status update — both from the same individual. The 6th comment actually made me laugh out loud. Sarcasm is a beautiful thing.

This post has two parts:

First: rate this facebook post where you think it falls on the awkward scale.

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it’s chaotic and less than perfect…

How’s your life lately…?  Keeping busy?  Keeping your priorities straight?  Stressed out?

I promised you that i’d try to write a post this weekend and answer any questions you all had. besides that, I like to give you periodic updates on whats going on in my crazy life from time to time. I think it’s important that if readers are going to read something, they “get to know” the author.

i know my posts usually post at 7:00 AM (EST), but today is my mom’s 62nd birthday – so i’ve been a little busy celebrating and enjoying her special day with her! hence, the late-night posting.

The last thing I remember telling you was that I was in the hospital with cellulitus. Well, thank God – that has pretty much cleared up. I just have 3 new little scars where the scab had formed. Thank you to those who were praying for me.

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off of work, but it’s no vacation.

i’ve been off work since last tuesday afternoon. not because i’ve been on vacation, but because i’ve been sick with cellulitis. it’s not fun, and it’s not the first time i’ve had it. in fact, i’ve had it about 6 or 7 times before… but this time, it wasn’t responding to any of the medications i was prescribed. my eye was red, it was swelling all around my eye – actually the whole right side of my face was swollen. a scab was forming. it was ugly.

so after two trips to the emergency room, they decided to admit me for a 24-hour stay, which then turned into a 60-hour stay. they pumped I.V. meds into me 24 hours a day. eventually the swelling started to go down a little and the redness started to fade a little.

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