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Too much of a Martha, and not enough of a Mary.

I’ve been uncomfortable in my complacency for a couple of months now, yet too confused to do anything about it because it seemed that everything I have ever tried in the past has landed me right back where I started in beginning with more wear-and-tear than I bargained for. On Sunday I prayed and asked the Lord to do a work in my life – I laid the fleece out on the lawn, if you will. I prayed that He would reveal Himself to me and grab ahold of my heart.

I prayed that my Prayer Life would become real – not just going through the motions of asking for things when I’m in need, but that I would learn to praise Him when things are taking place that are perhaps unpleasant. I prayed that I would be more concerned with what God thought about my prayer life than what my prayers sounded like to others. God doesn’t care about fancy words and impressive praise — He cares about what’s in my heart.

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Weekend Words of Wisdom {8.25.12}

First things first — I’d like to wish my brother, Scott, a Happy 28th Birthday!
(man, he’s getting old!…ish)

His birthday was actually yesterday, so this greeting is a day late (sorry, Scott).

ok, now onto our weekly business…

I listened to the following sermons this week:

  • “The Heart of Worship” by Dr. Kenny Baldwin
  • “He Calls His Own By Name” by Joe Arthur
  • “Don’t Debate with the Devil” by Evangelist Terry Dye
  • “The Secret of the Second Mile” by Dr. R.B. Ouellette
  • “Dress for the Battle” by Charles Tenney
  • “Build a Fire” by Wilson Calvin
  • “My God Is Real” by Wilson Calvin
  • “Archaic Words” by Dr. Sam Gipp
  • “The Pursuit of God” by Joey Boyd

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Weekend Words of Wisdom {8.18.12}

First things first, I want to wish my sweet baby girl a happy 2-year adoption birthday! Morgan came into our lives on August 16, 2010. She has made MY life so much brighter and happier since becoming a part of our family. I’m so thankful we were able to rescue her from the Last Day Dog Rescue two years ago. I believe we have made her life so much happier, just as she has done for us.

I love you, Morgan!

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Weekend Words of Wisdom {8.11.12}

Throughout the week I listen to .mp3 sermons by all sorts of preachers while I work. While I listen, sometimes something the preacher says catches my attention and I write it down — that is where these new “weekend words of wisdom” posts come in.

I’m going to share with you the quotes and outlines I write down throughout the week. I figure if they’re a help to me, perhaps they’ll be a blessing to you as well.

The sermons I listened to this week were:

  1. “Are You Serious?” by Phil Kidd
  2. “The Best Life” by Cary Schmidt
  3. “Rejected Sacrifices” by Mark Rogers
  4. “I Shall Find Grace” by Brian McBride
  5. “No Condemnation” by Dean McNeese
  6. “What Never Changes” by Tony Shirley
  7. “Christian Life Demands Change” by Will Galkin
  8. “Consider Your Calling” by Cary Schmidt
  9. “Faithful and Fruitful” by Paul Chappell
  10. “How’s Your Well?” by CT Townsend
  11. “The God of Bitterness” by Brian McBride

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The God of Bitterness.

I was up until 2:00 in the morning last night trying to get this video finished and uploaded to post today.  it. took. hours. BUT, alas, here it is!

I’ve been listing to alot of preaching lately, and this is the sermon I listened to last night while I cleaned the house. it was dead on. I’ve been going through a few struggles lately, but I know that God is good and He has a purpose and a plan behind everything that happens in my life.

As Bro. McBride stated – sometimes we have to let go of and get rid of something things in our life so that we can continue to grow as Christians. and sometimes we need to add some things to our life so that we can continue to grow. I’ve been doing a little bit of both. And sometimes growing pains hurt – but they’re necessary.

I hope this is as much of a blessing to you as it was to me.

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it’s chaotic and less than perfect…

How’s your life lately…?  Keeping busy?  Keeping your priorities straight?  Stressed out?

I promised you that i’d try to write a post this weekend and answer any questions you all had. besides that, I like to give you periodic updates on whats going on in my crazy life from time to time. I think it’s important that if readers are going to read something, they “get to know” the author.

i know my posts usually post at 7:00 AM (EST), but today is my mom’s 62nd birthday – so i’ve been a little busy celebrating and enjoying her special day with her! hence, the late-night posting.

The last thing I remember telling you was that I was in the hospital with cellulitus. Well, thank God – that has pretty much cleared up. I just have 3 new little scars where the scab had formed. Thank you to those who were praying for me.

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how He loves.

because you know how much i love youtube.

i seriously think you’re going to love this video – especially if you like David Crowder, John Piper, and Matt Chandler.

give it a listen and leave your thoughts below afterwards.

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You Talkin’ to Me?

It’s a line that has been repeated in movies and comedy sketches over, and over again: “You talkn’ to me?

The line “You talkin’ to me?” was made famous by a young Robert De Niro in the 1976 movie Taxi Driver. Have I seen the movie? Well, no I haven’t; but I know the quote very well. I have to say it all the time (figuratively, at least).

As a Parent

I was a kid, once. I was not born yesterday. When my children try to fool me into thinking that they have it all figured out, that they know better than daddy, they sometimes open their mouths and say things they regret.

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I don’t like your Christians.

Yes, today’s post is yet another repost of a facebook note. It’s short and not-so-sweet, but maybe you can help clear the air for me on a few issues.

Ghandi was once noted saying, “I like your Christ. I don’t like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.”

He also said, “If Christians would really live according to the teachings of Christ, as found in the Bible, all of India would be Christian today.”

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Heaven, Hell, and your opinions.

For those of you who are connected with me on facebook – yes, this is a repost of this week’s note. Sorry.
For those of you who regulary read my blog – you should be getting used to my occasional rants by now. :]
For those of you who are new to my blog – welcome. Please read on and know that Jesus loves you.

…          …          …          …

Christian, when did God die and give you permission to take over? I’m confused because… well… you judge people’s eternities as if you can read their hearts and see into the very depths of their souls. Please, tell me where did you find such amazing “superpowers” because I’d like to get them too.

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