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Too much of a Martha, and not enough of a Mary.

I’ve been uncomfortable in my complacency for a couple of months now, yet too confused to do anything about it because it seemed that everything I have ever tried in the past has landed me right back where I started in beginning with more wear-and-tear than I bargained for. On Sunday I prayed and asked the Lord to do a work in my life – I laid the fleece out on the lawn, if you will. I prayed that He would reveal Himself to me and grab ahold of my heart.

I prayed that my Prayer Life would become real – not just going through the motions of asking for things when I’m in need, but that I would learn to praise Him when things are taking place that are perhaps unpleasant. I prayed that I would be more concerned with what God thought about my prayer life than what my prayers sounded like to others. God doesn’t care about fancy words and impressive praise — He cares about what’s in my heart.

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Protected: Nevertheless I live…

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The Independent Fundamental Baptist’s Biggest Problem. {reblog}

Yet again, I have another reblog for you all. <insert cheesy grin>

If you’re an IFB, this one’s for you. If you’re not an IFB, this one’s for you too. If you’re a Christian, this one’s for you. If you’re not a Christian, this one’s for you too. You cannot escape it.

I actually came across this blog via facebook when a friend posted a link to it. I don’t personally know the author, but I like it’s content and I was given permission to reblog it here on Grow Up! — I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I did.

I am an Independent Fundamental Baptist, make no mistake. I was born one, I will die one. I am familiar with many of the flaws and doctrinal issues and pet sins of many of the other denominations but I don’t know their problems as well as I know the problems that MY denomination has. I am not blind nor will I close my eyes to it all. I love the Fundamentalists. It is my love for my church that drives me to be honest with her, though. I fear that Satan is succeeding at destroying large portions of the IFB with one fatal weapon, one major sin, in fact, the very sin that got Satan himself kicked out of Heaven; PRIDE.

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Protected: Yet another health update…

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“As White As Snow”

Yes, it is indeed Monday. No, this is not a QOTD post. Yes, on Friday I did say that there wouldn’t be any posts appearing on Grow Up! this week except on Wednesday and Friday – but that was before I was feeling a little better.

So please, enjoy this “music video” I made yesterday afternoon. I recorded the song a couple of months ago on my iPhone and then put a picture slideshow from 2007-present with it. The song is titled “As White As Snow.”

I did not write the words or the music to this song – in fact, I believe it was performed by Southern Gospel group Legacy Five (whether or not they wrote it, I’m not sure).

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it’s chaotic and less than perfect…

How’s your life lately…?  Keeping busy?  Keeping your priorities straight?  Stressed out?

I promised you that i’d try to write a post this weekend and answer any questions you all had. besides that, I like to give you periodic updates on whats going on in my crazy life from time to time. I think it’s important that if readers are going to read something, they “get to know” the author.

i know my posts usually post at 7:00 AM (EST), but today is my mom’s 62nd birthday – so i’ve been a little busy celebrating and enjoying her special day with her! hence, the late-night posting.

The last thing I remember telling you was that I was in the hospital with cellulitus. Well, thank God – that has pretty much cleared up. I just have 3 new little scars where the scab had formed. Thank you to those who were praying for me.

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Stupid Prayers.

I am going to be quite real with you today.

During the first seven months of 2000 I was beginning my walk with Christ. At first there was not much change in my life (of which I was aware, at least), but in July I realized I had not embraced Christ fully. In truth, even at that time I had yet to fully accept Christ’s embrace, but on the night of the 26th my worries diminished, my foul-language went away, and I actually began loving people instead of merely tolerating them.

My life in the ensuing years was a rather typical Western Christian story full of ups and downs, times of foundation rattling doubts and confirmations, times of great growth, and times of emotional and moral lows. 2005-2006 was one of the worst lows. My best friend from childhood came home from the Marine Corps, I was in a relationship with a worldly Christian, and things with work were frustrating. These were all really good and really not good things. I decided in June 2005 to try an experiment. I had seen many people living without God, so I decided that I would see how well I could live my life if I lived like God was not a part of it. It would only last a month … I thought.

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Grasping tight the pen.

A couple weeks back, Lauren over at Beautifully Broken asked a group of bloggers to fill in for her while she enjoyed a much-needed vacation.

You may recognize Lauren – she wrote a guest post for my blog while I was recovering from surgery (which I am ever grateful for). You can read the guest post she wrote for Grow Up! {here}.

To read the guest post I wrote for Lauren, click the following link: {Grasping tight the pen.}

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Confessions of a RIFB Girl of 20-something {I often forget to pray.}

Yesterday we I got back on track with this Confessions series. I’m not sure whether you’re happy about that or not, but… you know – a promise is a promise. And I promised I would finish this series. It may take me the next 10 years, but I’m gonna finish it.

I do want to apologize (blah, blah, blah) ahead of time for this video… the coloring is weird, as is the texture. It was recorded back in February when there was still snow on the ground, but somehow I lost it in the shuffle. And then there’s the wanna-be A.D.D. I seem to be suffering from in this video — seriously, I am all over the place. If nothing more, this video should prove to be somewhat amusing.  :]

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Prayer: touching the heart of God.

The Lord is so good. The weather this week has been beautiful – with just a couple of storms. I noticed the grass at my house this morning – it looked perfect. It was a rich green, freshly cut, thick – I don’t think I’ve ever seen grass so perfect before. And the trees had little leaves on them waiting to grow to their complete size in the coming days. The flowers were beautiful, vibrantly colored, and dancing in the breeze. And all this I noticed in a 5-second walk from my front door to my car.

The Lord amazes me each time that He answers a prayer. I’m amazed not because I think He’s incapable of answering prayers – but because He grants me access to His throne room and to His heart. He allows my prayers to touch and influence His heart. He not only hears me, he listens  to me!

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