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What’s the Big Deal About the KJV? {episode 4}: dumbed-down version.

Somewhere between episode 3 of “What’s The Big Deal About The KJV?” and this episode 4, I got caught up inthe busy-ness of my jam-packed life and didn’t realize the latest episode had come out! My apologies for not being more on the ball with this.

If you missed episode 1 of “What’s the Big Deal About the KJV?,” click HERE to watch it. If you missed episode 2, click HERE to watch it. If you missed episode 3, click HERE.

And, as always, I’ve got some more interesting resources for you to give a look-see at:

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re: Bible edits leave some feeling cross.

One of my readers sent me a link to {this article} and asked me what my thoughts were about it. Below you will find my response to her.

And yes, she knows this is being posted on the blog.  Ha.  :]

The Bible seems to be a very popular topic this month (and it has definitely been a popular topic right here on this blog as well). No doubt, part of the credit goes to this year being the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. So it seems that Christianity in general has been getting quite a bit more attention than usual… but especially our “Holy Book,” as some call it.

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“If it ain’t broke, fix it ’til it is!”

That’s what keeps running through my mind this morning. It blows my mind how many translations of the Bible there are today. Seriously, can someone please tell me what was so wrong with the ones we had 400 years ago? Besides the fact that they were “written in old English” and “people today don’t talk like that.”  Peter Kirk over at Better Bibles, published a post this morning reporting that a new translation of the New Testament has just been announced. The name of said new translation is The King’s Version.

…because, honestly, there just aren’t enough translations out there already.

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