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Equality and marriage for all!

No doubt I’m sure you all noticed the endless sea of red equal sign pictures that were floating over just about every social network in existence. I watched in both shock and horror as people I knew joined in with changing their profile picture and replacing it with the aforementioned picture — Christian people… people I thought knew better.

I was wrong.

So decided to change my profile picture as well. It seemed like the thing to do…

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Snow day snippets {7.23.11}

It’s been two weeks since my surgery, and I’m slowly but surely healing up – thank the Lord.

Thank you, thank you to all of you who have been praying for me and my family over the past couple weeks (and past several months, too!). You all are such a blessing to us.

The links in this week’s SDS posts are sort of a compilation making up a “blast from the past” (ish) – if 2 or 3 weeks ago count as “the past.” So… enjoy.  :]

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