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What’s the Big Deal About the KJV? {episode 4}: dumbed-down version.

Somewhere between episode 3 of “What’s The Big Deal About The KJV?” and this episode 4, I got caught up inthe busy-ness of my jam-packed life and didn’t realize the latest episode had come out! My apologies for not being more on the ball with this.

If you missed episode 1 of “What’s the Big Deal About the KJV?,” click HERE to watch it. If you missed episode 2, click HERE to watch it. If you missed episode 3, click HERE.

And, as always, I’ve got some more interesting resources for you to give a look-see at:

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What’s the Big Deal About the KJV? {episode 2}: mass confusion.

If you missed episode 1 of “What’s the Big Deal About the KJV?,” click HERE to watch it.

I wanted to provide you with a few other resources to read at your convenience. I really do think this issue is big and I want to be faithful in defending why I believe what I believe. I just don’t have the time, the skills, or the knowledge to write it all out for you myself. That is why I’m taking advantage of all the other great people out there that have taken their time and devoted it to this subject matter.

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What’s the Big Deal About the KJV? {episode 1}: it’s just coffee.

Those of you who have followed me for any amount of time know by now that I am a KJV-Only IFB. I have written a few posts on the KJV in the past (see below for a list), and I’ve engaged in many debates in defense of the KJV as well (in person, email, comments on this blog, and on facebook). I also hosted Dr. Sam Gipp’s book titled “The Answer Book” on a weekly basis for a few months (although we did not get through the entire book).

Recently, Dr. Sam Gipp has produced a few short videos in defense of the KJV. I think they’re VERY well done videos in which he is very gracious in how he explains his beliefs to other people. I was so impressed with the videos, I’ve decided to host them here on the blog. *and the crowd cheers* (don’t even try to deny it.)  :]

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Magic Mike and male modesty. {reblog}

I promise I’m not trying to make a habit out of reblogging other blogger’s posts (or, more specifically, Gabriel Hudelson‘s posts), but this one was just too good to NOT reblog.

Recently a film by the name of Magic Mike opened to rave reviews.

The film is about male strippers.

The audience for Magic Mike? 73% female.

*Cue thinking face.*

Let’s look at Genesis chapter 3, verse 21.

“And the LORD God made garments of skin for Adam’s wife, Eve, but told Adam that, since Eve didn’t struggle with lust, the principle of modesty didn’t apply to him, and so he could continue to wear his fig leaf.”

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Confessions of a RIFB Girl of 20-something {I go to the theater.}

Lights!  Camera!  Action!  …and we’re off!

Confessions of a Rebellious, Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Girl of 20-something.

The first Confession post in the series is here. I have to admit, doing this series as a string of videos was not my idea. In fact, the thought never even crossed my mind. It didn’t even play a game of peek-a-boo. Nope. Actually, a preacher friend on facebook suggested this idea, and the more I thought about it the more fun it sounded. I’m not saying that all the posts will be videos, but expect to see a few more pop up here and there.

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Question of the day: the theater.

I grew up in a home where the rules were fairly strict. In fact, when it came to movies in the home, pillows were used quite frequently. For example: when the prince kissed Cinderella, the pillow was thrown in front of the screen. Yes, I’m talking about the cartoon – my parents didn’t want us kids watching that “stuff.”

My family didn’t even have cable until a few years ago. Watching cartoons over at Grandma’s house when we were kids was a huge treat for us!

One thing my parents never allowed though was going to the movies. However, once the movie came out on video, we would rent it and bring it home if it was something that we wanted to see. So here’s my question…

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Question of the day: Harry Potter.

Apparently the new Harry Potter movie in now being shown in theaters. I only know this because I have watched countless facebook status updates erupt and movie reviews posted everywhere. I have also watched heated debates go down about whether or not a Christian has any business watching such films.

I’ve also heard people get in uproars over the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy, and other such movies such as the Chronicles of Narnia.

So here’s the question…

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