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Equality and marriage for all!

No doubt I’m sure you all noticed the endless sea of red equal sign pictures that were floating over just about every social network in existence. I watched in both shock and horror as people I knew joined in with changing their profile picture and replacing it with the aforementioned picture — Christian people… people I thought knew better.

I was wrong.

So decided to change my profile picture as well. It seemed like the thing to do…

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GIVEAWAY: custom hand-designed mug!

To celebrate the opening of my new shop For The Love of Oliver, I’m hosting a giveaway!

Yeah, free stuff!!IMG_4206

If you would like to win a custom hand-designed mug for yourself, your wife, your daughter, your pastor, the person you secretly admire, or anyone at all, keep reading….

WHAT: You could win a custom hand-designed mug of your choice!

FROM: For The Love of Oliver shop

WHY: because I’m nice and like to give stuff to people…

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The awkward things you read on Facebook {chapter 4}.

As I was perusing through my facebook newsfeed a few weeks back I came across a post I thought was both Biblically unsound and quite awkward. However, it’s been a trend lately that the things I find to be awkward, you all don’t think their very awkward at all. Which is upsetting. ish.

I think what actually makes this particular post awkward is the 4th and 6th comment under this status update — both from the same individual. The 6th comment actually made me laugh out loud. Sarcasm is a beautiful thing.

This post has two parts:

First: rate this facebook post where you think it falls on the awkward scale.

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The awkward things you read on facebook {chapter 3}

Welcome to {chapter 3} of the awkward things you read on facebook. This was actually MY Facebook post that I’m sharing. Yes, this actually happened to me…

And yes, the lady was dead serious…

And yes, it’s ok to laugh.

The following is a legitimate conversation i had with a visiting lady who came to Reformers Unanimous last Friday night. Seriously, this is almost word-for-word in its entirety…

her: *trying to figure out what language was written on the chalkboard* “I think it’s Arabic…!”

me: “no, that’s definitely not Arabic. I’m sure of it.”

her: “you know, Jesus was Arabic!”

me: “no, Jesus was a Jew — that’s what the Bible says.”

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The awkward things you read on Facebook {chapter 2}

Remember this series…? Me either. I feel like I’m bringing the dead back to life here…

Since this is only “chapter 2” I feel like this can hardly classify as a “series” yet, but we’ll get there… maybe. You can read {chapter 1} HERE.

And I’m going to go ahead and apologize that this chapter isn’t as awkward as chapter 1 was. But c’mon, people, I haven’t had a lot to work with lately. You people need to start being more awkward on facebook so I can get some good, juicy material to blog about. So you see, it’s all your fault really…

Just kidding (mostly).

A few weeks back as I read through some posts on my newsfeed I came across the post pictured below.

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Lazy Vegan Girl.

For those of you who may (or may not) be interested in all things vegetarian/vegan/all-natural/”green”/organic and animal-loving – I have another blog that’s more up your alley. :]

I started blogging over at the Lazy Vegan Girl in May 2012. There you will find various weight-loss plans, workout suggestions, book and documentary reviews, recipes, and whatever else I happen to be blabbing about at the time.

If you have any healthy, vegetarian, vegan, or all-natural recipes that you think others would enjoy reading about and trying, send them to me at growup318 [at] gmail [dot] com and they may get featured on the Lazy Vegan Girl! If you’re interested in being a contributor or even a regular blogger over at the LVG, let me know and perhaps we can figure something out!

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Some Christians are gay.

Umm. No.

Last week I was surfing around facebook and a picture appeared on my news feed notifying me that James Lyman had commented on it {click HERE to go to his facebook page}. Remember him…? No? Let me jog your memory. I wrote “What Christianity is NOT.” in response to a bunch of stuff James was saying/doing.

What actually surprised me is that James finally said something that I could agree with and “like.” Trust me, I was just as shocked as most of you probably are.


The picture was originally posted on The Youth Pride Project facebook page, then shared by the Blogging for Change facebook page which is where the convo took place. Below is a few of the major comments that took place on said thread.

{please note: just because I posted the links to those facebook pages does not mean that I support those pages. I simply want to site my sources so people can go back and review it for themselves if they choose to do so.}

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just a couple thoughts…


i just got a couple of thoughts today… so i don’t even know if this really counts as an actual post, or if this is more like a drive-by shout-out. call it what you want.

first things first…

are ya’ll still here? i mean, seeing as the world was supposed to end (again) last Friday. because if ya’ll are gone and i’m still here, then i’m screwed. which would be really unfortunate… for me (and my entire church) anyway.

oh, and who’s glad for the break from Questions/Answers from Dr. Gipp’s book? …yeah, yeah, yeah… put your hands down…

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so. um. i’m sorry…


how goes it? do you remember me? are you mad at me for disappearing for a while?

oh sure, sure… for the past few weeks the Monday and Tuesday posts have published as usual… but that’s only because they were put in a couple of months ago and auto-scheduled. otherwise i really would have left you hanging high and dry.

so. um. i’m sorry…

and i don’t want you to get your hopes up while you’re reading this post, because i don’t know how often i’ll be posting on this site again. i told you before that i’m a huge committment phobe, and nothing has changed in that area of my life. heck, i even cheated on my diet last night. it won’t even speak to me now… whatev.

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