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Pastor Jack Schaap is “Pastor” no more.

by now I’m sure you’ve heard the circulating news story regarding the affair ex-Pastor Jack Schaap had with a 16-year-old (now 17-year-old) girl. if not, at the bottom of this post I’ve provided a few links to some articles about it. First Baptist Church officially released Jack Schaap as their pastor on 31 July and announced it to the congregation on 1 August. You can read the church’s official statement HERE.

to some people it really doesn’t come as a shock. but to me, my mind was blown when i heard the news — i used to attend the annual “Christian Womanhood” conferences and the annual Youth Conferences there. I have read several books written by Jack Schaap, not to mention all the .mp3 sermons i have of him on my computer! I even considered him to be one of my favorite preachers.

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