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Too much of a Martha, and not enough of a Mary.

I’ve been uncomfortable in my complacency for a couple of months now, yet too confused to do anything about it because it seemed that everything I have ever tried in the past has landed me right back where I started in beginning with more wear-and-tear than I bargained for. On Sunday I prayed and asked the Lord to do a work in my life – I laid the fleece out on the lawn, if you will. I prayed that He would reveal Himself to me and grab ahold of my heart.

I prayed that my Prayer Life would become real – not just going through the motions of asking for things when I’m in need, but that I would learn to praise Him when things are taking place that are perhaps unpleasant. I prayed that I would be more concerned with what God thought about my prayer life than what my prayers sounded like to others. God doesn’t care about fancy words and impressive praise — He cares about what’s in my heart.

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I love the sea. I grew up in a tiny island just eight miles long by five miles wide. To travel to the other islands or to the mainland involved boats of different sizes from small inter-island vessels to the much larger ferries that took four hours to reach the UK. As a child I remember seeing the occasional shipwreck, but I do not recall ever considering what it must be like to have to have to abandon ship in a storm.

In 1979 I encountered a frightening situation while serving as second officer of the m.v. Geestland. We were sailing through a severe Atlantic storm when a search and rescue aircraft alerted us to the needs of two French yachtsmen who had sent out an SOS. It took us about six hours to find the stricken yacht. All we had was a rough position given by the aircraft, which had returned to land before pointing us in the general direction. It was nearly midnight when we finally spotted the yacht. It was pitch black, the wind was horrendous and the waves and swell were high and chaotic. Lookouts were instructed to maintain a good eye on the yacht, which continually disappeared and then reappeared. It took some time, but just before the yacht sank we finally managed to haul two exhausted Frenchmen onto the relative safety of our deck.

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The God of Bitterness.

I was up until 2:00 in the morning last night trying to get this video finished and uploaded to post today.  it. took. hours. BUT, alas, here it is!

I’ve been listing to alot of preaching lately, and this is the sermon I listened to last night while I cleaned the house. it was dead on. I’ve been going through a few struggles lately, but I know that God is good and He has a purpose and a plan behind everything that happens in my life.

As Bro. McBride stated – sometimes we have to let go of and get rid of something things in our life so that we can continue to grow as Christians. and sometimes we need to add some things to our life so that we can continue to grow. I’ve been doing a little bit of both. And sometimes growing pains hurt – but they’re necessary.

I hope this is as much of a blessing to you as it was to me.

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the Jesus i wanted.

i started off the new year in the book of matthew, and that’s where i’ve continued to read in my devotions. i’m reading about Jesus, and as you all know, no other person that ever walked the face of this earth compares to Him.

i think i had Him figured all wrong though, to a point. see, i always pictured Jesus as merciful and gracious, but having a secret agenda. i always thought of Him as loving and kind, but expecting something in return. i always believed him to be wonderful and perfect, but demanding and legalistic. and, in my mind, he was allowed to be all of those things if He so chose to be, because He is, after all, God.

but i was wrong about Him. not that that will come as a surprise to you.

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Question of the day: 2011 was the year…

I hope you haa a relaxing and enjoyable New Years this past weekend!

This week’s QOTD post is going to be a bit different. There are no right or wrong answers. I just want to hear from you and learn a little about what your past year contained, and what you hope your future year holds.

It doesn’t have to be a huge 25-point list or 4 paragraphs of information – it could be just one or two or five things. Whatever – as little or as much as – you want to share is completely fine.

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so. um. i’m sorry…


how goes it? do you remember me? are you mad at me for disappearing for a while?

oh sure, sure… for the past few weeks the Monday and Tuesday posts have published as usual… but that’s only because they were put in a couple of months ago and auto-scheduled. otherwise i really would have left you hanging high and dry.

so. um. i’m sorry…

and i don’t want you to get your hopes up while you’re reading this post, because i don’t know how often i’ll be posting on this site again. i told you before that i’m a huge committment phobe, and nothing has changed in that area of my life. heck, i even cheated on my diet last night. it won’t even speak to me now… whatev.

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