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Why I’m A Baptist.

The following is the paper I wrote for the PH 305 Baptist Heritage class I just finished at the Antioch Bible Institute (ABI). I just finished my first semester (two classes) there and I believe I did quite well — thank God!

We just started the new semester this week and I am taking two classes again. Each class we are required to write a paper and turn it in with our course notebook on the last day of class. Here’s the paper I wrote for my Baptist Heritage course.

Why I’m A Baptist

Many people might say that I’m a Baptist by default. Being adopted into and raised in a Baptist home would definitely have an influence on which direction my faith would go. I was always taught about the fallacies of Catholicism, Lutheranism, Methodism, the Church of Christ, Hinduism, Mormonism – you name it and chances are I could tell you at least one reason why they were all false, or at least flawed, religions.

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Bouncy Balls, Bible College, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

I arrived at the church early that morning. I always did. Being that my father was the Sunday School Director, he felt obligated to drag our family to church not just early, but obnoxiously early. Me and my father made our way to where general assembly was held — him carrying a bin of songbooks, toys, candy, and other Sunday School paraphernalia, and I carrying his large black Bible and my one-of-seventeen Bibles that didn’t happen to be lost that week. I took hold of the heavy gray door that led to the gymnasium and pulled it open, trying to hide the fact that it took more effort than I was willing to admit. I held the door as my father entered then followed him in allowing the door to close heavily behind me resulting in a loud “thud!”  As was typical I made my way to find a seat to relax in until assembly started, but then I noticed something not so typical.

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Repost: No thoughts of looking back.

January 18, 2007

It all started in December of 2004 when my dad felt God calling our family to move to a different church. Our date of departure was December 26, 2004 – not an ideal Christmas present to be sure.

We started visiting a church of like faith in Livonia, Michigan. After a couple of months the youth pastor asked me to go to youth camp with them at Indian Creek Baptist Camp. I told him no without hesitation, but quickly changed my mind after the camp had been described to me in full detail. I went to camp, not to grow spiritually, but to have fun. God had other plans though. I was able to quench the Spirit for the first couple days, but one night I was broken. That night I got my life right with God, surrendered to His will, and promised Him that I would go to Bible College. That was in June.

Things went well and I continued to grow in the Lord until February of 2006 came. This time, at a youth winter camp, God placed a calling on my life that I didn’t want to surrender to. So I turned and ran, fast and hard. It was all down hill from there. From February till the end of July, I lived a life that I take no pleasure or pride in remembering. Not caring what God thought or how much I hurt Him, I chose to do and say whatever I wanted and make friends with whomever I wanted. I put an utter stop to my daily relationship with the Lord. Read the rest of this entry

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