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Why I’m A Baptist.

The following is the paper I wrote for the PH 305 Baptist Heritage class I just finished at the Antioch Bible Institute (ABI). I just finished my first semester (two classes) there and I believe I did quite well — thank God!

We just started the new semester this week and I am taking two classes again. Each class we are required to write a paper and turn it in with our course notebook on the last day of class. Here’s the paper I wrote for my Baptist Heritage course.

Why I’m A Baptist

Many people might say that I’m a Baptist by default. Being adopted into and raised in a Baptist home would definitely have an influence on which direction my faith would go. I was always taught about the fallacies of Catholicism, Lutheranism, Methodism, the Church of Christ, Hinduism, Mormonism – you name it and chances are I could tell you at least one reason why they were all false, or at least flawed, religions.

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The Independent Fundamental Baptist’s Biggest Problem. {reblog}

Yet again, I have another reblog for you all. <insert cheesy grin>

If you’re an IFB, this one’s for you. If you’re not an IFB, this one’s for you too. If you’re a Christian, this one’s for you. If you’re not a Christian, this one’s for you too. You cannot escape it.

I actually came across this blog via facebook when a friend posted a link to it. I don’t personally know the author, but I like it’s content and I was given permission to reblog it here on Grow Up! — I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I did.

I am an Independent Fundamental Baptist, make no mistake. I was born one, I will die one. I am familiar with many of the flaws and doctrinal issues and pet sins of many of the other denominations but I don’t know their problems as well as I know the problems that MY denomination has. I am not blind nor will I close my eyes to it all. I love the Fundamentalists. It is my love for my church that drives me to be honest with her, though. I fear that Satan is succeeding at destroying large portions of the IFB with one fatal weapon, one major sin, in fact, the very sin that got Satan himself kicked out of Heaven; PRIDE.

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Question of the day: Baptist Briders.

I’m not sure if any of you really know much about this or not. I, myself, heard about it a year or two ago but never really gave it a serious thought. But it was brought to my attention again by a friend of mine on Facebook (btw, my Facebook account associated with this blog is now live again if you’d like to add me as a friend on there).

So here goes – if you’ve never heard of the “Baptist Briders” before you can google them (or click the word “google” right there because I’ve already done the work for you) right quick and get a bunch of information on them.

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Pastors, the church, & sheeple.

Im not very old; and I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, done a lot of stupid things, and sinned more than my fair share of times. But I’ve been around long enough to notice something that is very disturbing to me.

I’ve watched enough pastors go to jail. I’ve read enough articles about Christians hurting (physically and emotionally) other Christians. I’ve heard enough “sermon illustrations” about spiritual leader “epic fails.”

The people we are relying on the most to be there for us; to encourage us when we’re down; to uphold us in prayer when we fail; to plead with us when we stray from truth; to love us regardless of our past or present; to instruct us as Jesus would if He was standing behind our church’s pulpits… Those men we look to as our “spiritual leaders” are becoming more scarce than ever.

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Pastor Jack Schaap is “Pastor” no more.

by now I’m sure you’ve heard the circulating news story regarding the affair ex-Pastor Jack Schaap had with a 16-year-old (now 17-year-old) girl. if not, at the bottom of this post I’ve provided a few links to some articles about it. First Baptist Church officially released Jack Schaap as their pastor on 31 July and announced it to the congregation on 1 August. You can read the church’s official statement HERE.

to some people it really doesn’t come as a shock. but to me, my mind was blown when i heard the news — i used to attend the annual “Christian Womanhood” conferences and the annual Youth Conferences there. I have read several books written by Jack Schaap, not to mention all the .mp3 sermons i have of him on my computer! I even considered him to be one of my favorite preachers.

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Snow day snippets {8.13.11}

Well, folks… I’ve been in Costa Rica for one day… and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that I love it here!

I said I was going “out on a limb” because I’m actually writing this post about two days before I board the plane to go  to Costa Rica. So I’m completely anticipating that I’m gonna love Costa Rica. I’ll let you know for sure though when I get back. :]

Next week we’ll have the normal “QOTD” post and “The Answer” post on Monday and Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I have some guest bloggers lined up. Yes, be excited… they’re awesome!

Until then here’s some links for you to check out…

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You know you’re a baptist when…

Last night I was surfing facebook, and I kept seeing all these little groups like “You know you went to PCC if…”  and “You know you’re from Detroit if…”  and “You know you were homeschooled when…”  and “You know you’re a redneck if…”

So… I got this crazy little idea in my head that it would be fun to create a group like that for Baptists. So I did.

My only regret is that I made the group “open” — which means it’s been blowing up anyone’s and everyone’s news feeds on facebook regardless if they’re members of the group or not. Hey, I didn’t know…

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Baptists, Bibles, & Beliefs.

I’ve been attending a Bible Conference this week in Toledo, OH (why yes, I do live in Detroit, MI) – and it’s been wonderful! One of my favorite preachers was there (Brian McBride); Mark Rogers and Vincent Massa were also preaching the meeting.

My car has never seen so much highway in one week before – some 700+ miles driving back and forth betwee Michigan and Ohio. Needless to say, it’s been a crazy week.

I haven’t had a lot of time to sit in front of a computer screen and write anything original due to said busy week, but I did find a couple interesting things saved on my computer and from scouting the internet this week. So I’ll share those with you. *and the crowd goes wild*

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Confessions of a RIFB Girl of 20-something {my thoughts on homosexuality.}

I’m placing my bet now (oops, just kidding… Baptist’s don’t bet) that this topic will bring about quite a bit of comment action. But, please, before you freak out on me, read the entire post… then  leave whatever comments you may have on the matter. I suspect I’ll probably lose a couple followers because of this post, too… who knows, maybe the unthinkable will happen and I’ll gain a couple followers!

The word “abomination” is mentioned 168 times in the King James Bible. Here are a few examples:
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Confessions of a RIFB Girl of 20-something {I read Christian fiction romance novels.}

I’m just going to warn you now… this is a long one! Not necessarily because the topic took “that” much time to discuss… but because I found myself rambling in a few places. I admit it. So, please enjoy the rabbit trails… take in the scenery, but please excuse the pile-age of mess in the back corner (I need to do laundry… badly).

Also, for those who are wondering, I would like to inform you that I did not skip church to record and post this. The video was recorded and the post was written last night and scheduled for auto-publishing this morning. Genius, I know.

{Oh man, I just smeared sticky lip gloss up my nose… ugh, this stinks.}

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