Bucket List

My Bucket List

1. Visit England, Italy, Israel, France, and at least one tropical island.

2. Go on an international mission’s trip.

3. Get my Bachelor’s Degree.

4. Volunteer at a rescue mission.

5. Go sky diving.

6. Adopt a little girl from China.

7. Write a book. {You can purchase the ebook HERE!}

8. Swim with dolphins.

9. Record a music album (singing, piano).

10. Take up karate again.

11. Learn to play the guitar.

12. Sing a solo.

13. Go on an all-girls road trip.

14. Write at least 3 children’s books (one, two, three).

15. Get my Master’s Degree.

16. Go on a cruise.

17. Interview a “famous” Christian and post it on my blog.

18. Memorize Hebrews 11.

19. Participate in some sort of marathon and bike-athon.

20. Visit Disney World.

21. Drink {and love drinking} black coffee.

22. Give sushi a try.

I’ll add to the list as ideas come flooding through. And as I accomplish things on my bucket list, I’ll cross them out.

What are some of the things on your bucket list…?

  1. Being a Baptist pastor (who loves to sing), I have to say, Wow! What a “joy” to read your blogs and know that there are still a few young people who love the Lord more than the evils of this world. What a blessing. I hope to meet you some day on earth, but if not, we shall meet in heaven and sing together praises to our Lord!

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