Guest Posting Policy

If you’re interested in writing a guest post for Grow Up!, please send me an e-mail at growup318 [at] gmail [dot] com with “Guest Post” in the subject line.

Please keep in mind that I, as the administrator of this blog, reserve the right to accept or reject any post that is submitted for publishing consideration. I also reserve the right to fix any grammar/punctuation/spelling mistakes within the posts.

Below are “the rules” for guest posting on this blog…

  • The post must have a Christian emphasis.
  • Keep the word count somewhere around 500-1000.
  • If you cannot convey the message of your post in 500-1000 words, you may submit your guest post as a two-part series.
  • Yes, you may use humor, sarcasm, questions, or controversial statements to make your point – so long as you stay on track and in line with the purpose of this blog.
  • All Scripture quoted from versions other than the KJV must be noted with the version abbreviation after the quoted verse (ie. NASB, NKJV, the Message, TLB, etc).
  • Posts cannot promote or attempt to prove the “validity” of other bible translations/versions outside of the KJV. Please keep in mind that whatever your preferences are, this site is a KJV-only site. I am willing to accommodate the use of other translations in your post (see point above), but will not tolerate the promotion or defense of them.
  • Posts cannot promote Calvinism, Catholicism, salvation by baptism, or any other false religions (please review the statement of faith as a guideline).
  • Posts cannot promote worldly clothing, music, etc., regardless of whether or not you deem it acceptable for Christians.
  • Posts must be the submitter’s own original work that has not been published anywhere before  (on another blog, Facebook note, or elsewhere).
  • Posts cannot contain hate-speeches, judgemental disdain, or vulgar language.
  • YouTube clips may be used, pending my approval.
  • Pictures may be used, pending my approval.
  • If your post is published, link back to Grow Up! on your blog to spread the word about your post. If you do not have a blog, please post the link on your Facebook page and twitter account.
  • If you have submitted a guest post for Grow Up! before you may still submit another guest post for publishing consideration.
  • No Guest Posts will be published on Sundays, Mondays, or Saturdays.

If your post is accepted for publishing…

If you have a WordPress account, you will be given contributor rights to this blog so you can format your post the way you’d like and submit it through the blog’s dashboard.

If you do not have a WordPress account, you can e-mail (address listed above) your post to me in a MS Word Document.

If you have a specific day/date that you would like your guest post to be published in an effort to coordinate with your own blogging schedule, please specify that in an e-mail. I will do my best to accommodate those requests, or at least work with you to find a date that works for both of our schedules.

In addition to your post, you’ll need to send me…

  • Your name (or whatever you use as your blogger name).
  • An e-mail address where I can reach you.
  • The URL to your blog/website (if applicable).
  • A brief, 3-5 sentence bio section about you (this will be published at the end of your post)
  • The title of your post.

Please Note:  original authors of each post retain all copyrights to their own work – Grow Up! will merely host the work that writers provide for guest posting.


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