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…and thank you for stopping by Grow Up! for a visit – I hope you will enjoy your time here.

I am a Christian – and this is a Christian blog.

I love America, and I love the freedoms I enjoy as an American citizen. With that said, this is my blog and I am allowed to exercise my right to freedom of speech – which I intend to do so.

Nothing I post is meant to be offensive or hurtful in any way; however, I think we can all agree that where there are disagreements of beliefs there will be offenses. You are free to express your thoughts via comments, or by e-mailing me at

Please know I may not respond to some of your comments – this is not because I feel I have lost any discussions, but rather because I feel that some things are not worth the time or energy to discuss. Time is valuable – and when I see that it is clear that neither party will be persuaded differently on an issue there is no use of dragging it on. If I post something, it is because I believe it or because I am trying to provoke meaningful, edifying discussion (II Corinthians 12:19b, I Thessalonians 5:11).

Also, if it is evident that your only purpose here to stir up trouble or start an argument, your comments will be removed (Romans 14:19).

If you disagree with what you read on this blog, please give me your thoughts – I would love to hear what you have to say. However, indecent comments and harassment will not be tolerated. I reserve the right to delete any comments that, in my opinion, are not appropriate. Please refrain from using vulgar language – or I will edit it out of your comment (Ephesians 4:29, Psalm 19:14).

In regards to “Question of the Day” posts: rarely will I reply to comments left under these posts. These posts are my way of asking you all something instead of telling you something. I want to hear from you, rather than do all the talking (or typing, rather) myself. If you post something that I would like you to expand on or clarify, I will respond to your comment. These are always legit questions – things that I either don’t know the answers to, or things I want to know more about – I’m not just trying to use up cyberspace.

So, leave me your thoughts, your ramblings, your knowledgable answers, your questions, your great ideas – that’s what this is all about: to help others learn and grow both mentally and spiritually.

Heather Joy

  1. Beautiful story Heather…Psalm 139 immediately comes to mind for you! God totally ROCKS!

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