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Equality and marriage for all!

No doubt I’m sure you all noticed the endless sea of red equal sign pictures that were floating over just about every social network in existence. I watched in both shock and horror as people I knew joined in with changing their profile picture and replacing it with the aforementioned picture — Christian people… people I thought knew better.

I was wrong.

So decided to change my profile picture as well. It seemed like the thing to do…

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Some Christians are gay.

Umm. No.

Last week I was surfing around facebook and a picture appeared on my news feed notifying me that James Lyman had commented on it {click HERE to go to his facebook page}. Remember him…? No? Let me jog your memory. I wrote “What Christianity is NOT.” in response to a bunch of stuff James was saying/doing.

What actually surprised me is that James finally said something that I could agree with and “like.” Trust me, I was just as shocked as most of you probably are.


The picture was originally posted on The Youth Pride Project facebook page, then shared by the Blogging for Change facebook page which is where the convo took place. Below is a few of the major comments that took place on said thread.

{please note: just because I posted the links to those facebook pages does not mean that I support those pages. I simply want to site my sources so people can go back and review it for themselves if they choose to do so.}

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to the point: rap & homosexuality.

i don’t have a lot to say as a for-runner to the main part of this post.

however, i do want to say thank you to Baptist Thinker for posting what i have stolen from his blog (teehee!) and making me aware of it.

also, i want to make you aware of an earlier post i had written about homosexuality a few months back – which you can read here.

lastly, i want to give a shout-out to my friend Dave who – though i’ve never met him personally or email him on a regular basis – has been a source of encouragement and an example of a wonderful, gracious, forgiving (and forgiven) Christian in my life.

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Confessions of a RIFB Girl of 20-something {my thoughts on homosexuality.}

I’m placing my bet now (oops, just kidding… Baptist’s don’t bet) that this topic will bring about quite a bit of comment action. But, please, before you freak out on me, read the entire post… then  leave whatever comments you may have on the matter. I suspect I’ll probably lose a couple followers because of this post, too… who knows, maybe the unthinkable will happen and I’ll gain a couple followers!

The word “abomination” is mentioned 168 times in the King James Bible. Here are a few examples:
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