Blogroll Policy

Please keep in mind that I, as the administrator of this blog, reserve the right to accept or reject any blog that is submitted for blogroll consideration. I also reserve the right to remove any blog at any time if it is no longer deemed “in line” with the beliefs of Grow Up! or if it no longer complies with the guidelines to be part of Grow Up!’s blogroll.

Below are the conditions of being considered for Grow Up!’s blogroll:

  • Your blog must have a Christian emphasis.
  • No blog will be considered if it promotes Calvinism, Catholicism, salvation by baptism, or any other false religions (please review the statement of faith as a guideline).
  • No blog will be considered if it’s content is composed of hate-speeches, judgemental disdain, or vulgar language.
  • You must be consistently publishing new posts on your blog. If your blog has been inactive for more than 6 months, you will be removed from the blogroll.
  • You must place Grow Up!’s button (below) on your blog’s sidebar, as well as set it to link back to Grow Up!’s homepage when clicked. If the button is ever removed from your blog, your blog will be removed from Grow Up!’s blogroll.
  • You must add Grow Up! to your site’s blogroll. If Grow Up! is ever removed from your blogroll, your blog will be removed from Grow Up!’s blogroll.

Below is Grow Up!’s button with directions on how to post it to your blog.


  1. If your widget requires a link for the image: click the picture above. a new page will open with just the picture. copy the URL that’s in the search bar. or click HERE.
  2. If you widge requires a JPEG file, right-click the image above, then select “save image as” and save it to your desktop. You will be able to upload that JPEG file into the widget from your desktop.
  3. set the picture/button to link back to when it is clicked by guests of your blog.

Before you blog is approved to be added to Grow Up!’s blogroll you must follow all the instructions listed above. When complete, please send me an email at growup318 [at] gmail [dot] com letting me know you have complied with the above policy and wish to be added to the blogroll. Be sure to include the URL to your blog as I will personally check your blog to make sure everything is in accordance with this policy.

After I review your site, you will recieve an email from me to let you know whether or not your blog has been accepted and added to Grow Up!’s blogroll. If your request has been denied I will provide the reasons as to why and let you know if it is something that can be fixed.



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