Challenge 11: Matthew 5:41-47 Essay Report.

What does Matthew 5:41-47 mean to a believer?

VS 41 – As Christians we should be willing to go the second mile and put in the extra effort. Back in “Bible days,” a roman could beckon a Jewish man to carry his luggage for a mile. However, Christ taught that the Jewish man should carry the luggage for an extra mile! What a great testimony to the Romans that the Jews allowed themselves to serve others with their time and abilities.

VS 42 – We should be willing to help others who are in need – not just by sharing our possessions with them, but also by giving them our time when they need help. We should also be willing to give and help others without expecting to get something back from them in return.

VS 43 – The world’s way of thinking is that we should love the people who are nice to us and hate those who aren’t nice to us (or our enemies). However…

VS 44 – The Lord tells us that we should love our enemies, bless them, do good unto them, and pray for them. This is completely against our human nature. Our flesh wants to seek revenge or “get even” with those who mistreat us. The Lord tells us that we ought not to be that way. If anyone had a reason to seek revenge or “get even” with his enemies, Christ did. I was Christ’s enemy because of my sin; yet “Jesus died for me when I was His enemy – a love like this I cannot comprehend!”

VS 45 – The Lord says that if we will exemplify this kind of grace and love in our lives we will be the children of our Father in Heaven. Christ is not a respecter of persons – the Bible says he makes the sun to rise on the good and the evil and He allows the rain to fall on those who are just and also those who are unjust.

VS 46-47 – By only showing love and grace to those whom we like or deem worthy, we are acting no better than a lost person would act. In fact, I would venture to say that even a lost person would treat people better than that from time-to-time. We need to be a good testimony and show forth the love of Christ to ALL people – not just those who are nice to us or treat us how we want to be treated.

How can this portion of Scripture be applied to my life?

If I am to be like Christ in my words and actions, I cannot limit the grace or mercy I show to others only to the ones I deem worthy or who are kind to me in return. Christ freely offers His grace and mercy to all – worthy or not – if they but ask for it. There were many times that He showed mercy to people even before they asked for it. We should be ready and willing always to exemplify that same attitude to those we come in contact with. If Christ forgave us of all our sins, who are we to hold back from forgiving others?


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  1. Very good blog, Heather Joy. Absolutely on target! We need more writing like this.

  2. I loved this blog. Forgiveness is so critically important. Keeping the line open between us and God. Amen!

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