throwing this out there…

hey peoples.

i just wanted to throw this out there again — if anyone is interested in writing a guest post for Grow Up!, all you have to do is shoot me an email at growup318 [at] gmail [dot] com and say so. or leave me a comment under this post.

if you’ve guest posted on here before, you welcome to do it again. if you’ve never guest posted on here and feel you’re “not qualified” (whatever that means), you’re also welcome.

of course, you’ll get full credit for your article, a short bio will be included at the end of your post, AND you can even link back to your blog, twitter, facebook, whatever-you-want-if-you-want. It turns out to be a win-win for everyone!  :]

i only have a few guidelines, which you can read about {here}. follow those and hit me with your best stuff!

i’ve actually got a lot scheduled for the blog over the next couple of weeks, BUT i like to get other people involved as well from time to time. it’s fun, and it allows people to share different perspectives here at Grow Up! and also get some extra exposure for themselves and their blogs that they normally might not get.

i’ve asked a couple of my readers if they were interested in guest posting here, but i never heard back from them. perhaps my email freaked out and my email never made it to their inbox. orrrr maybe they just didn’t want to guest post here – completely understandable.  :]

anywho. there it is. i’ve throw out the bait… let’s see who bites.

have a great week ahead!


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