Question of the day: 2012 was the year…

This week’s QOTD post is going to be a bit different. There are no right or wrong answers. I just want to hear from you and learn a little about what your year contained.

It doesn’t have to be a huge 25-point list or 4 paragraphs of information – it could be just one or two or five things. Whatever – as little or as much as – you want to share is completely fine.

What did you accomplish this year?
What did you learn from?
What were some of the struggles the Lord brought you through?
Is there anything you wish you would’ve done differently?

I’ll go first.
2012 was the year I…

  1. Transferred my church membership to another church closer to home.
  2. Taught myself how to play the guitar.
  3. Lost 20 pounds.
  4. Went on a 2-week vacation to Vancouver, BC, and a 7-day cruise to Alaska.
  5. Went to Florida for work.
  6. Became a “flegan” (a flexible vegan).
  7. Bought the sweetest, most handsome little puppy in the world!
  8. Graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.
  9. Started my Masters Degree in Business Management.
  10. Lost friends I thought I would never lose, but gained new friends I wouldn’t trade for the world.
  11. Got in my first “bad” car accident.
  12. The Lord taught me what it meant to forgive people, esteem others better than myself, and let go of anger and bitterness.
  13. Went to my first Comic Convention ever and about died from happiness.

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  1. 1. Learned alot about the church..not the Church…the church.
    2. Got a puppy.
    3. Grew closer to my wife.
    4. Learned Patience with my children.
    5. Re-Opened my Blog.

  2. The first answer I offer answers all of those questions at once: Calculus! (I thought I was going to die, I swear!)
    I would like to say I graduated college, as well, but I have 8 weeks left! I finish my last class on February 24!

    1. Also got a puppy, Seymour Seamus McFly Klem!
    2. Felt the calling to begin working on planting a new congregation (probably at least a year off, just so everyone knows).
    3. (Re-)Discovered Doctor Who!
    4. Worked with amazing youth leaders and youth during a turbulent time of transition (which is still in the process).
    5. Saw my side of the family for the first time since our wedding 3 years ago!

    Really, there is a huge list, and I am sure my lovely bride could list off so much more (like knowing we have learned to trust God when she got a new job a week before we ran out of funds). Needless to say, we have multiple answers for each question.

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