I Just Knew.

Christmas is upon us, and while we’re busy preparing for company, cleaning our houses, shopping for presents, attempting to shun the desserts, and running helter-skelter like psychotic chickens trying to get everything done on time, let’s not forget the REAL meaning of Christmas.


Christ. God with us. Emmanuel. the Perfect Son of God. the Lamb that was slain. our Redeemer. our Hope. the Rock of Ages. the Creator of the ends of the earth. the Sacrifice. the Righteous Judge. the King of kings. the Comforter. our Saviour. and our Friend.

While it’s fun to dream and tell stories of Santa and Rudolf and Frosty — they are merely fairy tales. Reindeer don’t fly. Santa does not really visit every home on Christmas eve to drop off presents. a snowman never really danced through the streets of town.

But there IS a truth during this holiday season that we can hold on to. The Truth of the Son of God being born of a Virgin in a stable one starry night in Bethlehem. and the reason He came was not so we could celebrate with ornate trees and wrapping paper and cinnamon-scented candles.

He came so that He could save the world — literally. He humbled Himself, left His Heavenly throne, and became flesh so that He could walk among us, take part in our suffering, set an example for how we should live, and -one day- take our place on a dark hill called Calvary.

I am thankful that I do not have to pay for my sins. I’m thankful that Jesus Christ loved you and I enough and was willing to die in my place to pay the wages of my sins. He’s a wonderful Savior! He’s so merciful. He’s so gracious. He’s been so good to us – whether we realize and see it or not.

I’ve been asked to sing a song at church on 23 DEC (still not sure if I’ll be able to learn it in time and pull it off — we’ll see)! I’ve listened to the song this morning at least a dozen times and it’s so beautiful. I want to share the lyrics with you (you can also find it on iTunes or YouTube — it’s by Cherie Call).

I Just Knew

by Cherie Call

Verse 1:
He’s the Son of the King but He came to us with nothing –
No purple robe, no crust of bread.
With His soft tiny hands He reached out for me to hold Him –
There was no crown upon His Head.
So I guess that I should not have been surprised
When I saw the human tears in His Holy infant eyes –
And no one ever taught me how to sing a lullaby for the Son of a Mighty King.
But when I held Him in my arms and I rocked Him just the way that mothers do –
I just knew.

Verse 2:
Just as we knew he’d be he lived so selflessly –
He was a legend in the land.
And people came from far and wide,
They looked at Him with pleading eyes
Longing for the healing in His Hands –
And in those endless busy days,
He still had time for me; He always found a way –
And no one ever told me how to love a Healer and a Teacher sent from Up Above –
But when He cared for me and helped me in the tender way that only He could do –
I just knew.

Verse 3:
In sunlit moments I could see me in the traces of His smile!
I know He came from me, but He was better than this world would allow.
I could not save Him when He died – but now it seems that He’s the
One Who holds me when I cry.
And everybody asks me how I’m sure
That the little Boy I raised is our Redeemer –
And I could list the dreams and prophesies, the miracles that prove His mission true –
But in all honesty, every moment I was with Him –
I just knew.

To all of my blogging friends: Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year too!


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  1. I thank you for sharing your thoughts and perspective on the true meaning of Christmas. Too often, we lose our way with respect to what this season is all about. While it is fine to celebrate the Holidays, it is most important that we not minimize the source from which Christmas came, nor the spiritual reasons why it is observed. Happy Holidays!

  2. Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours Sister Heather.


  3. Very touching. God bless you over Christmas, and bless this song.

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