Question of the day: the Bride of Christ.

Back in August we had a QOTD post about the Baptist Briders group. This week’s QOTD post is along the same lines, but completely different.

The Baptist Briders believe only those who are saved, baptized, and members of a “NT Baptist Church” are what makes up the Bride of Christ and everyone else is either just part of the “extended family” or completely left out altogether.

Use Scripture to back your opinions. Please. and thank you.

Here’s this week’s QOTD…

What is your definition of the Bride of Christ?
Who do you think will be a part of it?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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  1. Lord, I just hope you aren’t one of these people. Good grief.

  2. strawberryletter22

    sigh….wow is all.

  3. The bride of Christ is His church, His church is made up of those who believe in Him and attempt to live this life with Him (under grace), therefore it is made up of anyone who wants to be in it and fulfil those conditions.

    I don’t know much about these briders having only heard of them twice (both on this blog!) but I think Paul might have had a speech or two for them along the same lines as the one he gave Peter!

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