Question of the day: “harmless flirting.”

This is not the normal QOTD-type question this week. Actually, I stole it from a member of the Baptists, Bibles, & Beliefs facebook group I created over a year ago to give Christians a place to discuss different topics. You can join said group HERE.

The conversation said facebook post started was a pretty interesting read. I really didn’t get involved myself because A) I didn’t have the time, and B) I used to be the biggest flirt ever (not proud of that) so I really didn’t think I had any right to be part of such a conversation.

Use Scripture to back your opinions. Please. and thank you.

Here’s this week’s QOTD…

Is there such a thing as “harmless flirting”…?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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  1. I understand busy. I have not done much on the blogosphere for the last month because of it! Perhaps you have noticed my guest posts and reposts and reblogs for the last several weeks.

    I would say it depends. People call me a big flirt. Really, I am just a really friendly guy. Since getting married, I have toned it down a bit. It was not really all that on purpose. I just enjoy giving my wife more attention than others!

    However, I also know that passages such as Ephesians 4:19 discuss some of this:
    “Who being past feeling have given themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with greediness.”

    The NIV translates “lasciviuosness” as “sensuality”, and many flirtations certainly cross that threshold.

    As one has walked that road, I can confirm that simple flirtations can easily lead to simple physical interactions which can lead to much more. And what happens if you are in a relationship, yet you flirt with another? It is very possible to have many hurt feelings and even end up with having no relationship!

    As long as it can be made known that these “harmless flirtings” are either a) “I am just a friendly person” or b) “I am interested in you” and that is all, they can be “harmless”. We simple humans have a tendency to not be self-controlled, however, and that can easily take them out of the “harmless” category quickly.

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