Weekend Words of Wisdom {11.3.12}

This weekend’s words of wisdom, though they are all from Pastors or ment in the ministry, are all political. This is because there is a presidential election staring us in the face that will determine the direction America will head over the next 4 years.

Vote wisely. Vote on your values, not your feelings. And remember: we’re not voting on a pastor; we’re voting on a president.

oh, and also… please don’t hate me for publishing political posts on here. I usually try to avoid political talk, but this year’s election really got me fired up. There’s so much at stake with this election, and one must ask: how much longer will God hold back His judgement from our ever-increasingly ungodly nation?

God has greatly blessed America. May He continue to do so — although He will not bless something that is in direct violation to His Word. May America turn from her wicked ways and bless God once again.

“When I think of making my choice of who to vote for in this presidential election, I think of the following:
1. which candidate will give the most recognition to America’s Christian heritage and our God-given rights/freedoms?
2. which candidate will make a possible 3 lifetime appointments to the US Supreme Court?
3. which candidate will promote capitalism? (the Bible principle of sowing and reaping)
4. which candidate will promote American Patriotism?
5. which candidate will stand with God’s chosen people – Israel?”
~ Dr. Jeff Fugate

“Yes, I am voting for Mitt Romney.
Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t my first choice or even second.
He’s my only choice.
I could vote 3rd party, but I want my vote to actually count for something more than just a warm, fuzzy feeling.
Knowing I voted for a fuzzy feeling won’t overcome 4 more years of Obama socialism.
Those who are voting for “their guy” are actually perpetuating 4 more years of Obama.
And I fear America will never recover if that happens.”
~ Pastor Guy Beaumont

“I’m not voting for a pastor. I’m voting for a president.” #AmericasComebackTeam
~ Pastor Sebastian Barrett

We need a president who’s party doesn’t “boo” Almighty God…

and who’s vice president doesn’t think America’s and Israel’s future is a joke…

I’m not going to ask you who you’re voting for… unless you want to tell us. I’m simply asking you to be serious about this matter and pray about it. Be wise in your decision.


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  1. Hi Heather Joy (& all)
    I, too, think our nation is facing God’s judgment. But that we face it for the same reasons Sodom and Gomorrah, Samaria, and Jerusalem did.

    Homosexuality? No, though that’s a very popular belief. Several Old Testament prophets told why Sodom was destroyed (Ezekiel, Isaiah, Amos, and Jeremiah). ALL of them said the reason was neglecting their poor and needy. Ezekiel, for example, said “Sodom’s sins were pride, laziness, and too much food, while the poor and needy suffered outside her doors . . . therefore I crushed her.” (ch. 16, v. 48-50).

    Amos warned Samaria and Jerusalem that they were “bringing the day of Judgment near” and would be “the first to be taken as slaves” because they were living in luxury while “caring nothing at all that your brothers need your help.” (ch. 6:1-7, both passages from the Living Bible). Yes, God hates homosexuality, but it turns out he hates THESE sins even MORE.

    So let’s be very, very careful. Which party today is advocating strongly that we cut back on help to the poor, like Medicare and Social Security? Which party’s positions echo Jesus’ statement in Matthew that “as you did it not to the least of these my brothers, you did it not to me?” THAT, according to both Jesus and the Old Testament prophets, is what WILL bring judgment on us.

    If we follow those policies, many, many people – especially seniors and the sick – will die unnecessarily in the next four (or 8) years. Do we really want God to hold us responsible for that? He will.

    If you disagree, study your Bible. I’ve studied mine, and while I’ll state what I found, (as here), I won’t argue. If you still disagree, I still love you all. Blessings.

    • I don’t have time to respond to everything you said, but I will say this —

      It is NOT the responsibility of the government to provide for the people. It IS the governments job to protect the people. It is the CHURCH’S job to care for the poor, needy, widows, and fatherless.

      What our current administration IS doing is advocating killing millions of babies. It is advocating free healthcare for everyone (which is not Biblical). it is allowing just about anybody to be on food stamps – thereby taking just about all motivation to find a job. I mean, why bother when you can be lazy and wait for your free handouts from our trusty government?! it IS taking us down the sure and steady road to socialism.

  2. Of course, I have no say in the American election, but if I did, I would most decidedly NOT vote for one who supports the murder of unborn children.

  3. When churches and pastors are no longer preaching the word of God and making openly whom to vote for and whom not to vote for, pastor, you should upholding your country in prayer and not to make choice of whom to vote for or whom not to vote for, allow God to do HIS work, prayer is the only key that will unlock the favor of God to the right person to lead America according the will of God.

  4. Hi Heather –


    I said I wouldn’t argue, and I won’t. I’ll wait until AFTER the election to make more comments – for instance, pointing out Scriptures that say ALL of us – individuals, families, churches, AND the government – DO have a role in caring for our “neighbors.”

    I will say, here, that if Romney had been in office last year, and had done what he’s said he’s going to do, my wife would not be alive today. But she is, and I’m very glad.

    For now, blessings. (and blessings for later, too.)

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