should Christians participate in halloween?

this is another one of those posts that i’ve had sitting in my “drafts” file since last year. i know, i have issues.

just out of curiousity… who here calls themselves a Christian AND you celebrate halloween? (this is where i pretend to here all your answers and see a sea of raised hands). If you DO celebrate halloween, can you please leave me a comment and share why you participate in it? I’m curious to hear the various sides to this issue from my readers.

*cough* alrighty. what i have for you here is a little 14-minute youtube video for you to watch. i’m sure you can guess what it’s about by the title of this post. if not, then… i’m sorry.

i think you’ll find his message interesting, even if you decide you don’t necessarily agree with him. either way, give it a watch and a listen.

so… thoughts?
do you agree with his message?
should Christians participate in halloween, or should they boycot the holiday?


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  1. He has to be correct – he has an accent.

    Do you want the long answer or the short answer? And why hasn’t anyone else responded?

    • You may post whatever you desire. LOL.

      no one else has posted yet (other than you and Pete) because I haven’t had a chance to post the link to this post all over facebook. LOL. I think that’s where mose of our commenters come from.

  2. Couldn’t watch the video, and have no idea what he said, but I’ll give you a nutshell view of our family’s attitude:
    When I was a kid, Halloween just seemed like “fun” thing we all looked forward to participating in. None of us took it seriously.

    Then, later, especially when we lived in two specific cities, we ran into a lot of real-life witches and witchdraft (even now, my son works with the boyfriend of a girl who claims the women in her family have been witches for many generations back.)

    We’ve had a picture fall off the wall in my daughter’s room for no apparent reason, and listened to her scream as it fell SIDEWAYS, all the way across the room.

    One lady my kids worked with thought witchcraft was funny, because when her kids were playing on the floor with their toy cars, their “little ghost friends” were moving other cars around at the same time. Then one night she came tearing up to work in her car pleading with our son to get rid of the spirits, because her hubby had done something to make them mad, and they got out his knife & dagger collection and started throwing the knives all over the house. Now, that should sort of tell you these things are REAL and not to be trifled with. (He told her he could make them leave, but that unless she became a Christian they’d just come back. She didn’t want to do that, so she left.)

    I could tell you more stories. There have been plenty. In this town, they just keep happening. But those just may suggest we don’t want our kids to do much taking part (nor do they want to), except in giving candy to neighbor kids, or maybe going to a special party at a place like a church – with a Christian slant.

  3. The thing I struggle with is this: If Christians don’t do Halloween because it has cultic roots, why do so many of them have no problem with the Christmas tree? Or saying “Bless you” when someone sneezes? Or referring to days of the week as Monday or Saturday (astrological roots)?
    By the way, I’m including myself. I don’t do Halloween. I do refer to Monday as Monday.

  4. The only reason my wife and I dress up is because we met on Halloween at a costume party when I was homeless, and she shared her bee costume with me. Five years later, we still share costumes, coming up with scriptural application (this year we dressed as Matthew 11:28. I wore two bike tires on my shoulders, she wore and handed out musical rests … “Come to me all who are [tired], and I will give you rest.” Get it?!).

    We will not take our children Trick or Treating (when we have them), but we will probably go to church-related things (like the one where we met). This past Saturday we went to a ministry-led event. With our costume we were able to share the gospel with many of the pre-teens, teens, their parents, and young adults who were unbelievers. This event had games (bobbing for apples, volleyball, a capture-the-flag type thing, and some physical prowess games) and a costume contest (2nd year in a row with “Most Original”!). We are also hoping to add a horror house which shows the dangers of sin.

    Otherwise, if we had Trick-or-treaters come to our door, they would receive a piece of candy and some form of biblical literature (our apartment community does not allow trick-or-treating).

    • I like this. Surely we should be taking the light into the darkness rather than just acknowledging the darkness is dark? Our church ran a pick a treat night outside where they gave sweets away and opened up the building for people to come into. Halloween presents a great opportunity to bring truth to people. We don’t celebrate it but we celebrate the chance to bring light into the darkness.

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