The awkward things you read on Facebook {chapter 4}.

As I was perusing through my facebook newsfeed a few weeks back I came across a post I thought was both Biblically unsound and quite awkward. However, it’s been a trend lately that the things I find to be awkward, you all don’t think their very awkward at all. Which is upsetting. ish.

I think what actually makes this particular post awkward is the 4th and 6th comment under this status update — both from the same individual. The 6th comment actually made me laugh out loud. Sarcasm is a beautiful thing.

This post has two parts:

First: rate this facebook post where you think it falls on the awkward scale.

Second: how would you have responded to the originally poster?
Do you agree or disagree with what they said? Why?

And now, the awkwardness (or so I say)…


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  1. 1. On a scale of 1-10, I’d give it a 9.

    2. What the Huh?

  2. While I do believe that in the U.S. we are somewhat dulled to the spiritul realm and demonic influence rampant around us…I am not sure satan would waste a minion on my brother’s son’s reading issues.

  3. Wow….. that is about all I can say. Okay, maybe I can say more. Someone needs to study their Bible more because they are confused!!

    “I was attacked with dyslexia”?????

    Part of me wishes I knew the person because I would have pointed out that these aren’t demons but can be used for God’s glory!! It can be used to strengthen faith and strengthen compassion for others who struggle too! Some people do not give Satan enough credit, but some give hime way too much!

    Anyway, wow…….

  4. These sentiments have a lot of history in Christianity, so it shouldn’t be that surprising. For centuries, schizophrenia (as we understand it) was diagnosed as demonic possession.

    So this is really just a modern incarnation of crazy ideas. And it’s still pretty prevalent. Check out faith healing for more wtf moments.

  5. No wonder some people think Christians are lunatic! – sorry, that might seem harsh, but how can someone speak with such authority with absolutely NO real authority?

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