Question of the day: Christian music.

This is not the normal QOTD-type question this week. Actually, there are no right or wrong answers to this question…ish. I guess there could be. I’m merely looking for your opinion, really. Or your preference. Whatever you prefer to call it.

I asked my facebook friends a few weeks ago for some ideas and it worked out pretty well, so I’m now asking you as well.

So, please… if you’re able to and have any ideas – help me out!Here’s this week’s QOTD…

Is there any good Christian music on iTunes that you would recommend…?

Who are some of your favorite Christian artists/bands?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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  1. Wow, this is tough, because I have quite a plethora of christian music styles I like. Personally one of my favorite styles is Southern Gospel; Gaither Vocal Band, Marshal Hall, Guy Penrod, David Phelps (I mean..was there any doubt?) Sisters, Booth Brothers, The Talleys, The Crabb family. Although most of the groups I mentioned are progressive southern gospel lol.

    Some other bands/artists I like are: Third Day, Philips, Craig and Dean, Hillsong United, Selah, Kurt Carr, Kirk Franklin, Smokie Norful, Casting Crowns, Tenth Avenue North, FFH, Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams, Babbie Mason (sweet wonderful lady), Geron Davis (great guy too), Alicia Williamson and the Christian days of Take 5 (Their gospel and hymn collection is amazing!).

    • Joe –
      I LOVE Southern Gospel. Probably 75% of the music in my Itunes is southern gospel. I love the Gaither Vocal Band — especially Guy Penrod and David Phelps, and I love Sisters, the Booth Brothers, etc and etc. All the ones you listed are among my favorites!

      I do love Philips, Craig, and Dean — especially their “older” stuff. I also love Avalon, Greg Long, Selah, FFH, Fernanda Ortega, Casting Crowns, etc.

      A few of the artists you mentioned I’ve never heard of before, so I will definitely check them out!

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. Forgot to mention the Isaacs!

    • I do love the Isaacs — it’s been awhile since I’ve listened to them, so I’m going to have to go find their albums in my iTunes and burn a couple CDs!

      I also love the Collingsworth Family.

  3. I went to see Toby Mac a couple of weeks ago because my kid likes him. I have to say, I was impressed by the show, the songs, and by his intentionality at glorifying God. Many Christian acts will say something nice about God at some point, then go on and sound like it’s all about them. But Toby mac kept hammering home the idea that it’s about God. It was refreshing.

  4. Heather-
    While in Nashville, I interned at Daywind. I know a lot of Christians tend to bash artists like the Crabbs, Gaithers, etc. I firsthand have met Adam, Jason and Aaron and have sat in on recordings with them, talk about living the example of Christ! They are truly genuine in their walk with the Lord, personality wise they live for Christ. They would always address me as “brother”, its so awesome to see these artists as being humble and truly sold out for God.

    • I also have a lot of music by the Crabb Family — they are definitely one of my favorite groups.

      It sounds like you had a wonderful experience during that season of your life. I’d love to hear more about it some time. 🙂

  5. I’ve always found it interesting that there is a “Christian” music genre at all. It makes sense for praise and worship music…but outside of that it’s like a tag to every other style. Like, we don’t have Christian plumbers and Christian auto repair shops (insofar as how those services are marketed).

    Back in my Christian days, I attended the Alive Festival in Canal Fulton, OH (it has since relocated to the Atwood Lake area). That was a blast. At the time, I was very much into heavy rock, punk, etc. So, I listened to bands like Relient K, PAX217, Audio Adrenaline, and others.

    My favorite, though, by far, was Bleach. Such awesome rock and roll. Fun fact: the drummer from Bleach recently joined the now-reformed Audio Adrenaline as their drummer. I think AudioA’s new stuff is absolutely awful but that’s another discussion.

    • Andrew –

      I don’t understand the first paragraph of your comment at all.

      Christian-music is Christian. It exalts and magnifies the Lord. It brings glory to Him and points others to the Savior. It edifies the believer and strengthens the faith and heart of a Christian.

      Rock-&-Roll, Rap, Country, and whatever-other-music that glorifies pre-marital sex, rape, drugs, alcohol, and any other you-name-it sin does not.

      so yes, there is such a thing as Christian music. and, from the sound of it, PAX217, Audio Adrenaline, Bleach, and whatever else would not fit that description at all.

      • “Christian-music is Christian. It exalts and magnifies the Lord.”

        That’s exactly what I mean. P&W is fittingly called “Christian music.”

        What doesn’t make sense to me is why there is an entire sub-genre of every other type of music of the Christian variety. Like: Christian rock, Christian rap, Christian ska, etc.

        So, do I understand correctly that you don’t consider Christian rock a genre at all? Or Christian scream metal (like Demon Hunter or August Burns Red)?

        • I see where you were headed now, Andrew. it just wasn’t clear to me.

          okay. yes, there is a whole general meaning to the phrase “Christian Music” — however, even some CCM or Praise & Worship music does not honor the Lord. so while it is “Christian” music in its genre, I wouldn’t consider it “good Christian music” or “Christ-honoring Christian music” or “edifying to the believer Christian music.”

          Many people/”Christians” argue that CCM is a good way to reach the lost because it gives them a music sound that they can relate too — the “rock and roll sound” with all the crazy drums and chaotic cooing and screams by the artist. However, that brings me to ask them this question: “if we become like the world to reach the world, what will we have to offer the world…?”

  6. Tenth Avenue North (who are currently on tour with two of my other favourites – Audrey Assad and Rend Collective Experiment).

  7. Watermark (solo artist Christy Nockels too), and Selah (FYI some of it has a “beat”)

  8. Yeah,I agree that not all so called ‘christian music’ is infact christian.If we study Christ’s life on earth we realise that not once did He try to fit into circumstances.Even when He ate with sinners,He by no means incorporated their ways into His lifestyle.He stood by His truth and righteousness.So to touch the world we need to be in the world yes,but by no means fit into the world lifestyle.
    I like Don Moen’s music because it worships and praises the Lord in a deep sense.I like how he does little of singing about God but actually sings to God.

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