A question that I have thought of more and more, especially now that I have a new puppy in my life.
I think the way the blogger shares his thoughts is a good start to answering questions that many people (no doubt) have about the eternal destiny (or lack thereof) of their pets.


What are your thoughts on this?

I was listening to a Q & A session hosted by John MacArthur where he was essentially asked if since the Bible speaks of figures that have characteristics of animals in heaven, will people’s dogs be in heaven with them.  MacArthur first answered somewhat in jest when he said something on the order of people taking great pleasure in many things this life has to offer, like rock collections, but their pet rocks won’t be there.  To which the questioner quickly quipped, “But rocks don’t fetch!”

MacArthur went on to explain that God has given us plenty of things in this life to enjoy that were made for this life only.  He talked about the great love his wife has for various birds that gather around the feeders she strategically placed around their yard, and how they won’t be in heaven either.  He essentially ended his answer by saying that…

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  1. I read in Ecclessiastes(sp.?) that a man’s soul goes upwards (to judgment) when he dies, but an animal’s soul goes “Back into the ground from whence it came”…….

  2. I don’t like to think about it. My kitty is my baby, and I hate to face reality that he doesn’t have humanistic traits like I imagine…..

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