Weekend LOLz {#2}

Obviously, with being out of town I haven’t had a chance to write down quotes from the preaching .mp3’s that I’ve listened to this week.

So instead, I’m gonna try to make you laugh like I did the last time I did one of these “Weekend LOLz” posts. you will laugh. or at least smile. please?

By the way, I’m having a wonderful time with the ladies of PBC on their annual Fall Ladies Retreat. I’m wandering around Amish town with my future sister-in-law and we’re having a splendid time. Yes, “splendid.”

I’m be back sometime late tonight – but I wish I could stay here forever.

(ok, maybe not “forever” because Amish people aren’t allowed to have computers – so that means I would have to give up blogging. and I really don’t think any of you are gonna sign up to be pen pals with me while I sit here sewing dresses with 87 pleats, learn how to churn butter by hand, and take a few lessons on how to assist in goat birthing.)


and moving on.

I know the pictures are appearing super tiny in this post, but if you click the picture it will make it larger then you can scroll to the left or right to view the rest of them!

Have you come across anything funny lately? (besides this post)

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Loved Noah’s Ark – it was honestly just positive and inspiring. And the wallet and money was SO me! (Enjoyed the others too.) Keep up the good work!

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