The awkward things you read on Facebook {chapter 2}

Remember this series…? Me either. I feel like I’m bringing the dead back to life here…

Since this is only “chapter 2” I feel like this can hardly classify as a “series” yet, but we’ll get there… maybe. You can read {chapter 1} HERE.

And I’m going to go ahead and apologize that this chapter isn’t as awkward as chapter 1 was. But c’mon, people, I haven’t had a lot to work with lately. You people need to start being more awkward on facebook so I can get some good, juicy material to blog about. So you see, it’s all your fault really…

Just kidding (mostly).

A few weeks back as I read through some posts on my newsfeed I came across the post pictured below.

James considered this to be a “great discussion” — when I questioned him on his choice of words he went immediately to the defensive and said something along the lines of  “hey, she started it!”

ok. whatevs.

Does anyone else see the awkwardness of this post?
How would you have responded to James if you had come across this post on facebook?


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  1. Wow. That’s wrong on so many levels.

  2. By the way, you asked how we would have responded to the post if we had seen it, but you also have expressed a desire that commenters here not slam the KJV-only stance. My response to James had I seen that post on FB would have included criticism of what he said about KJV being 5th-grade level, so I cannot answer that question here.

  3. Not sure why it identified me as James Williams once, then middletree the 2nd time, but I’m the same person.

  4. My first impression, right or wrong, was to slap the Scofield right out of him.

    The next thought I had was, “I wonder if he has ever studied Shakespeare in college (oops, college? Am I giving him too much credit?)? And if he did, did he have to have a teacher or text book explain some of the language?” So much for 5th grade.

    The next image that came to mind was the clerk at the counter leaping over the register and beating him with box of Jesus Saves peppermints.

    Now, after all that, I feel bad. I wouldn’t smack somebody – but I wouldn’t mind seeing the employee of the book store do it 😉

    • i cannot say what i would have liked to slap right out of him, because there’s just so many things. but then, i would be accused (again) of rebuking the man, and we know that cannot happen. oh, the horror…

  5. When ignorance exerts itself, I laugh, then get sad, then get angry, then laugh again.

    you keep fighting your fight, James Lyman…it isn’t the fight that God would have you fight, but you keep on!!!

    I am sure the convicting power of your words combined with the spirit-led love for your sister has changed her life forever.

  6. I would never waste “Jesus Saves” peppermints on James Lyman.

  7. It blows my mind that somehow I am a part of a subculture where an individual like James Lyman is a minor celebrity, albeit a very infamous one. Were I to share this with my wife, she would merely shake her head and walk away, not because of what was written, but because this is a big deal in our tiny little corner of the internet.

  8. So, I just want to point out a cognitive inconsistency here…

    We can all agree that James is being obtuse here right? He’s doggedly pushing what he really believes to be truth, with little concern for how the store worker feels about it. I mean, its his way, or she’s wrong, right? He even took the high road and effectively told her a woman’s place is in the kitchen. Nothing like a little misogyny to really drive home a point, right?

    Okay, good. We can all agree James’ pushiness is unacceptable.

    But, how are James’ actions and demeanor so different from the overarching message of Christianity? After all, it represents a belief system that is decidedly exclusive (NO man comes to the Father but by Me).

    Now, I understand Jesus’ message was one of love and understanding…treating others as you wish to be treated. There’s only one problem with that: failure to accept the idea results in eternal torture and death! After all, the Bible says it’s the narrow Jesus Path to life or it’s the broad Highway to Hell, right?

    I’m really just making an observation that James’ actions are really a microcosm of the big picture. A big picture that is easy to remain willfully blind to. Consider, after all, that Christians represent less than a third of the population of Earth.

    The others are not on Jesus’ way…they’re on the Highway.

    They’re the bookstore workers.

  9. After reading this, I went back and read your “chapter 1.” I’ll just throw in still another definition for that one. When I worked for a defense contractor, as a planner, “PMS” didn’t mean “any of the above.” It meant “Performance Measurement System,” a rather complex arrangement made up of schedules, milestones, “critical paths,” “earned value,” etc. It was intended to let us lowly master planners, and the managers, keep programs on schedule and within budget, and did that pretty well. At least, our company had the best on-time delivery schedule (ok, that may have been relative) in our part of the country. (But it didn’t help us much to understand women or write theological treatises about them – or even to decide whether they were dreams or real!)

  10. I’m not sure there are words. There’s so much wrong here. If I’d been the employee and he’d said something like that to me, I’d probably had to have handed him off to someone else.

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