“As White As Snow”

Yes, it is indeed Monday. No, this is not a QOTD post. Yes, on Friday I did say that there wouldn’t be any posts appearing on Grow Up! this week except on Wednesday and Friday – but that was before I was feeling a little better.

So please, enjoy this “music video” I made yesterday afternoon. I recorded the song a couple of months ago on my iPhone and then put a picture slideshow from 2007-present with it. The song is titled “As White As Snow.”

I did not write the words or the music to this song – in fact, I believe it was performed by Southern Gospel group Legacy Five (whether or not they wrote it, I’m not sure).

As always, please forgive my squeaks and squeals. I’m not a professional by any means.

If you have any song requests or whatnot, please leave me a comment below and even a link to the lyrics if possible. Not that I’ll be able to do the song justice – but it will give me something to work on in the coming weeks/months.

I also have another prayer request for you all —

My grandmother fell yesterday morning and we think she may have hit her head on something. She is still very dizzy and is currently in the hospital. They are running all sorts of scans and tests to check for any broken bones or other possible damage.

Also, if you could please pray for my mother right now. Between all the health issues I’m having and my Grandma’s recent fall, she’s very overwhelmed. Please pray that she will not join our little “sicky club,” but that she’ll be able to keep her strength up.

Happy Labor Day, my friends! And, again, thank you for your continued prayers on behalf of my health.


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