Pastors, the church, & sheeple.

Im not very old; and I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, done a lot of stupid things, and sinned more than my fair share of times. But I’ve been around long enough to notice something that is very disturbing to me.

I’ve watched enough pastors go to jail. I’ve read enough articles about Christians hurting (physically and emotionally) other Christians. I’ve heard enough “sermon illustrations” about spiritual leader “epic fails.”

The people we are relying on the most to be there for us; to encourage us when we’re down; to uphold us in prayer when we fail; to plead with us when we stray from truth; to love us regardless of our past or present; to instruct us as Jesus would if He was standing behind our church’s pulpits… Those men we look to as our “spiritual leaders” are becoming more scarce than ever.

All in all, we rely on them too much. We place them on a pedestal and want them to be perfect so our image of them will remain untainted.

Unfortunately, they’re human just like every other common man out there. Just because they’re in the ministry doesn’t make them immune to the sharp arrows of Satan. They’re people, sheeple. They’re not the ultimate Shepard… they’re just His hook which He uses to guide us along. And sometimes they lead in paths we should not travel.

But they’re people. And they need grace just like me. They need mercy just as much as I do. They need prayer just as much, if not more than, the rest of us Christians.

And pastors, remember why God placed you where you’re at — to love God, spread the Gospel, lead His church (the people, not the building), and love sinners (whether saved or lost).

And remember you’re sinners too. Don’t forget where He found you and what He did for you. Be like Jesus. Love others as He has loved you. Point your fingers at your own sin. Only compare yourself to the righteousness of Jesus Christ – that is the true standard. Everything else will cause you to stumble in pride. Give Him the glory for what He’s done in your life. And plead with Him for His grace and favor to be on your life and the ministry He’s entrusted to you.

“…and such were some of you…”


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  1. Breaks my heart to hear about anyone losing their ministry like this. But then I begin to feel like it is unfair of me to expect anything more of them. I mean, I should, but…

    This should serve as a reminder that we sheeple need to pray for our pastors everyday. Sometimes it seems a little “silly” to pray for the guy who prays for all of us…but these setbacks should make it obvious that we need to pray fervently that our pastors:

    Stay in the Word for more than sermon prep. Hunger and THIRST after righteousness.

    Love their wives like Christ loved the Church.

    Flee from evil. At the first sight of it. Harder to do than some migt imagine.

    Find a friend to be open with about their lives. REally open. Not “well, I did speed the other day” accountability.

    Stay in the Word.

    As someone who is recovering from a fall, much like this, I can tell you pastors and people in ministry tend to feel on an island. If they are struggling with any type of addiction, who can they tell? They feel isolated and look for an escape. The perceived need to appear to have it all together is amazingly strong.

    Pray for your pastors.

  2. Wow, vary well said. As a Pastor myself and a wife of 20 years who walked away 4 years ago knows too well the pains of normal life and how it effects the ministry.
    I realize that fight is not flesh but spiritual and many will never know the attacks that a Pastor faces before and after every service but his attacks are are also personal on his family as well. If Satan can’t get him he will go after his family. Prayer is the greatest thing that the church can do for their pastor.
    may I use a sermon title I preach about David, , ,Don’t judge the man because of the moment. Thank FATHER fro such men as Dr. Lee Robertson who stayed blameless though we know with sin but he kept short accounts with FATHER.

    • I’m sorry to hear about the struggles you have faced in your ministry – but thank you for staying faithful to Father through it all.

      Dr. Lee Robertson was indeed a great man, Christian, and preacher. Blessings to you.

  3. i like the actual post too. 🙂 so true. i love my pastor. while trying to not put him on a pedestal, he’s at the top of my list of fav pastors i’ve ever listened to. he’s very real, knowledgeable and shares struggles. i learn something all the time from him. thanks for the reminder to keep him in prayer…what better way to “thank” him?

    • I feel the same way about my pastor as you do about yours. Thank God for real, faithful men. And, as you said, praying for them is the greatest “thanks” we could give them.

  4. So true. It happened to one of my own pastors, in a smaller church. I think we all have to ask ourselves: How would we fare if we were in their shoes? Are we as consistent as we’d expect them to be? From my own experience, if we are, it’s sometimes a close thing. Often, if we do resist temptation, it’s “by the skin of our teeth.” We do have to hold pastors to a standard, yet it seems we should perhaps learn to include more love and forgiveness and understanding in our own outlooks.

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