updates here at Grow Up!

I’m trying to get back into the swing of things now that I have officially completed my Bachelors Degree! It feels great to have finally accomplished such a major undertaking! Next up — my Masters Degree, which will be starting in a few weeks. I must literally be insane…

oh! and my church is planning on starting it’s Bible Institute this fall, and I’m super interested in taking classes there as well! I just have to see how my time and finances line up with everything. But I would really love to go back and either finish up the degree I started at Crown College, or at least get some sort of Certificate.

Now, on to other business…

I spent the majority of my afternoon yesterday updating this blog and cleaning out old information. Check it out!

Some of the things I updated include:

Some of the things I added to the site include:

One thing I haven’t yet had the chance to update is my “Virtual Bookshelf” — nor is that likely to happen for awhile. That tiny section of my blog is probably the most time-consuming and difficult-to-update section on this blog. errghh.

Check out the links page — I updated my “favorite reads” section and also added the “friends of Grow Up!” section which will be the featured blogroll.

If you would like your blog/website added to the blogroll, read through the “Blogroll Policy,” follow the directions, then either leave a comment under the blogroll policy or email me at growup318 [at] gmail [dot] com with a link to your blog/website and a note letting me know you have complied with the policy and would like to be added to Grow Up!’s blogroll.

Another thing is that I’ll probably do away with the “Snow Day Snippets” posts that used to be published every Saturday morning — unless you all want me to continue those for some reason. If you have something better in mind for me to do on Saturdays that would interest you more as my readers, let me know! I’ll consider just about any suggestions right now.

that’s about all I have for now…

let me know if you have any questions or concerns. :]


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