Pastor Jack Schaap is “Pastor” no more.

by now I’m sure you’ve heard the circulating news story regarding the affair ex-Pastor Jack Schaap had with a 16-year-old (now 17-year-old) girl. if not, at the bottom of this post I’ve provided a few links to some articles about it. First Baptist Church officially released Jack Schaap as their pastor on 31 July and announced it to the congregation on 1 August. You can read the church’s official statement HERE.

to some people it really doesn’t come as a shock. but to me, my mind was blown when i heard the news — i used to attend the annual “Christian Womanhood” conferences and the annual Youth Conferences there. I have read several books written by Jack Schaap, not to mention all the .mp3 sermons i have of him on my computer! I even considered him to be one of my favorite preachers.

this incident is a shame — first of all because it is sin. secondly, because of the hurt it has caused not only the families involved but also the entire congregation of First Baptist Church of Hammond (IN) as well as the hundreds of other churches affiliated with it. but most of all, this is a shame because of the damage it has done to Christianity as a whole (especially IFB churches) and the reproach it has brought to the Name and cause of Christ.

My heart aches for the church, as this will no doubt effect all of the ministries and outreach programs affiliated with it; even the hundreds of missionaries the church supports as well. The college and the schools will also suffer because of this.

one commentor referred to Jack Schaap as a “reincarnated catholic pope.” another commentor stated that “osteen is next.”

it’s sad that people now consider this to be the norm for pastors. People everywhere are lying in wait for our “spiritual leaders” to slip up and be the next person to take up residence in a jail cell.

for a quick synopsis of the story, watch the news clip below.

UPDATE: for whatever reason, the video link is not working. I will try to fix that tonight. for now: go HERE to watch the news clip.

according to reports, Schaap is currently trying to reconcile things with his wife (daughter of founder and former Pastor of FBC, Jack Hyles) of 30+ years.

for additional information, click on any of the links below:

  1. Ex-pastor of Indiana church investigated for sex with teen
  2. Jack Schaap Confesses to Sexual Relationship with Teen after Firing from Megachurch
  3. Jack Schaap of First Baptist Hammond Admits to Sexual Affair with Teen
  4. Hammond Pastor Dismissed for “Improper Relationship with Young Woman”
  5. Jack Schaap’s Fall and the Future of the IFB Movement
  6. Married Megachurch Pastor Fired From Church after Admitting to Sex with 16-Year-Old Church Member
  7. Hammond Baptist Dismisses Pastor for “Sin”
  8. Ind. Megachurch Pastor Fired Over a “Sin” with Teenage Girl
  9. Jack Schaap, Pastor of Ind. Megachurch, Fired for Sexual Relationship with Teen Congregant
  10. Jack Schaap, Pastor, Fired from Megachurch for Committing a “Sin”

for a few more additional articles you can check out Stuff Fundies Like (which i’m not really a fan of, but they have some interesting information up regarding FBC).

Did this story shock any of you…?
Or did you think it was just a matter of time before a story like this broke from FBC…?

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  1. hmm I hate to say it Heather, but are you noticing a trend with Pastor’s who have attended Hyles??

      • Go search for Robert Sumner article on Hyles. Details are legally documented on his long-term relationship with Jenny Nischik, and other details on Dave Hyles, current and past staff of church and college, irrelevance of deacons who won’t listen to anyone therefore refuse to do their job–Penn State administrators are in jail for knowing less than these deacons know. Hyles use of his cash earnings is a crime the IRS would have jailed him for, it amounted to hundreds of thousands of unreported income. None of this is OK, I don’t care WHO you are. No one is above the law of man, let alone the laws of God. And aren’t there enough “willing” partners out there to have “normal” affairs with–why do these guys pick on the teenagers? Easy to bully them, maybe?? Who would even know…and none of this is hearsay, even though many with facts will not come forward, they are still scared. If you are scared of Hyles or First Baptist it is not a church it is a cult at that point. Good churches don’t scare anybody…

      • So sad…. Something obviously isnt right there..

  2. I feel for the wife and for the young girl who most likely looked up in awe at him and he seduced her. She will have to live with this for the rest of her life.Just knowing it was her who toppled a “great ” preacher and brought shame to one of the biggest churches in America.. . It is a terrible thing and it has brough shame to a lot of people. God is merciful and he forgives 70 x 7 and I hope that they can all get through this and go on with thier lives,especially the wife and her kids and the young girl.

    • I haven’t heard anything yet about who seduced who — so i don’t want to point that finger just yet. regardless, it’s still sin.
      I, too, feel for Cindy Schaap and the girl’s family. this is just a sad situation all around.

  3. I could say a lot, but I won’t. I will let others talk about all the particulars. What I will say is that one word recently popped into my head and won’t leave – accountability. It is obvious that Schaap broke at least one cardinal rule – never be alone with the opposite sex if it is not a relative or spouse. At some point he came to think of himself as above being found out, above being held accountable by others, or forgot what kind of game he was playing.

    I am so tempted to tell you my impressions of the man, but that wouldn’t be fair. All I can say is that, as a pastor, when we think we can get away with sin while preaching against it, a fall will come as result of the pride.

    • I’m thankful that I have never had a meeting with any pastor without there being AT LEAST one additional person in the room, sometimes more. Or if I was meeting with just the pastor, the door was left open and his wife and daughter sat right outside the door.

      You are absolutely correct about the “accountability” of the matter. somewhere along the line the “safety rules” were dropped. just knowing about all the OTHER scandals in churches across the country would be enough for me to make sure there would always be at least one additional person in the room. in addition to all the guilty instances, there have been instances where pastors/others are accused of something even though it’s not true.

  4. It was indeed a sad story. Pray for healing, the family and for the church.

  5. My heart goes out to Cindy, who a father accused and a brother found out and now a husband confessing. she must a be a devastated lady right now for only were these men in here life but men who preached the Word of which and believed. not a one of us could know the pain, doubt or distrust that must feel. I do hope that some Godly lady take a hold and help her.
    That’s not to forget the children the young lady or Mr Scapp

    • Absolutely. I couldn’t agree with you more. I was thinking about their daughter Jaclynn earlier as well – the hurt she must be going through right now, along with that it Mrs. Schaap. Also Her mother, Mrs. Beverly Hyles.

  6. This whole thing is just heart-breaking…mainly because it is not surprising.

  7. I believe god is completely in control over everything. And god can bring healing, restoration and people to know him through anything… Good or bad! Step back a look at what saves us… Is it what we do or is it god stepped down in a form of a man (Christ Jesus) and took on every sin that was and is to come on him so that in our shame and sin we have no condemnation! If this man is a true follower of Christ, there will be some Hebrews 12 happening 🙂 you can rest and know that nothing is out of the reach from our father! And he accomplishes his plan no matter what we do.. Good or evil:)

  8. So, You Can’t Handle The TRUTH, So You “JE[W]SUITICS” Freeze My Computer & This Website On My Computer ! Hmmm.





    Truthfully, Honestly & Sincerely Yours,

    Tony Cisneros
    2011 Candidate For City Treasurer,
    City Of Chicago,
    State Of Illinois,
    United States Of America.

    • Seriously? i don’t control your computer or what you look at on it. So if this website froze on your computer screen it’s not my fault.

      Where do you get off saying that I can’t handle the truth? This post contains nothing *but* truth.

      I am in no way a control freak, nor do i ever wish to be. (by the way, in the future, try turning off the caps locks… it’s a little much.)

      Your comments really have no weight here. I’m not a “vaticanist” or part of the “roman catholic cult” – nor do I ever wish to be.

      I’m not sure what your deal is or why you are so angry – but I ask that you please refrain from your hatred and crazy rants on this site in the future. Thank you and have a great day!



    Truthfully, Honestly & Sincerely Yours,

    Tony Cisneros
    2011 Candiate For City Treasurer,
    City Of Chicago,
    State Of Illinois,
    United States Of America.


    • Wait… what? Are you for real right now?

      I love sex-scandals? and I’m a liar?

      What in this post was a lie? Everything I stated was accurate and true. and where did i ever “lust” after anyone/anything in this post?

      As for the Stuff Fundies Like website — I clearly stated in this post that I am not a fan of the site. In fact, I myself, this blog, and a Baptist FB group I created have been the subjects of ridiculing posts on that site in the past. No Sir, I do not “reccomend” the site as you have suggested. I merely used it as a reference since it had some information on this case.

      I believe that makes you the loon.

  10. Tony, if you are going to run for office, please spell “Candidate” right. Otherwise you just look stupid. Also, please stop harassing Heather. Your comments are inappropriate and sinful. The Bible says something about the way the Lord feels about those who sow discord. Stop attacking her…NOW. Also, get your facts straight….no where on her post has she attacked FBC. No where. So stop. Go somewhere where you can be alone and repent of your attitude before God.

    Thank you

  11. brokenathisfeet

    Heather! I miss you. How are you? If you still have my number text me. Lots to catch up on.

    • I do not still have your number! :[ I have gone through a couple different phone changes over the past year or so. Send me an email at growup318 [at] gmail [dot] com sometime! :]

  12. Hi Heather…thanks for stopping by Armoured Up. I didn’t know all of the “activity” was going on in Hammond, IN, my hometown! Whoa!

  13. heather joy,
    i use to attend fb from 1981-1986 and jack & cindy schaap were my sunday school teacher.i and the other teens in the class looked up to them both and to pastor hyles.

    i was shocked to hear about what is going on there. I never go into a man’s home or him in my home if im alone because things can get started and i was taught growing up that you dont do that.i have even told my 2 children growing up the same thing as well.

    i was watching them walk in to the court house and i can just see the look on there faces how hurt they are over what has been done.its just so sad.

    like you said , we cant point fingers on who seduced who first what they did was a sin.

    may GOD be with them all.

  14. I just finished reading the posts and I respectfully disagree that you can’t point fingers on who seduced who. Pastor Schaap is totally 100% guilty and responsible. Why you ask? Because HE was the ADULT, and the religious authority figure. Even if the girl “knew better” a child is a child and he needs to man up before his wife, his congregation, and his God.

  15. It’s annoying that these instances always bring up anti-Catholic sentiment. There is hardly any call for that. But it is true, unfortunately, that many leaders of the Church abuse their authority and forget that they accepted their position as servants and not usurpers or tyrants. One can only pray for the families and congregations involved, and that Mr. Schaap can have the fortitude to face the consequences of what has been brought to light as the man of God he was supposed to be.

  16. Forgive me, but you felt he was one of your “favorite preachers”?!?!?

    The SAD thing is, you’re not (WEREN’T!) alone!

    Just what was it that you DID like? Was it his STYLE? It for SURE could not have been the depth of his messages. No biblical basis for much of what the guy said…ugh, YELLED. He was a “topical” preacher, and forgive me again, but Christians aren’t developed and matured by way of TOPICAL preaching 1st of all. But again, HIS messages for the most part had no biblical basis. He screamed, hollered, thumped the pulpit, etc and had little to nothing to say other than his NOT so subliminal messages of sex.

    I just hope you’ve moved on and found a pastor/teacher that can bring you closer to Jesus.

  17. Graham Stuart

    can we please stop calling this a church? it is a cult. this is not Christianity, this is men controlling their women in the name of a god that has been perverted. pastors that simulate masturbation on stage in front of the altar. pastors that refer to the women in their congregation as whores. pastors that milk their impoverished flock for millions and millions and millions of dollars……….this is not Jesus, this is man, this is not a church, this is a cult…….a cult full of brainwashed people

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