summer cleaning… of my email inbox.

if you are one of the hundreds of people who emailed me over the past… year (ish)… and are still waiting on a response from me, i’m so sorry. i’m currently going through my email right now (which i literally have not checked in almost a year).

i’m quite amused by some of the emails i’m finding. i’ll let you in on the amusement…

  • two women who created dating websites (one catholic and one christian) have asked to write guest posts for my blog.
  • wordpress has invited me to earn money by hosting advertisements for companies with common interestes as my blog.
  • some company in NYC has asked me to become part of their “advice” team where i will be able to hold “live” conversations with people via the internet and provide them with sound advice (that doesn’t seem like a good idea at all. ha!).
  • someone in kenya sent me an email and asked me to support their ministry by sending bibles to the villages there.
  • i was offered free lifetime advertisement for my blog from “Jesus Love TV Family.”
  • another email asked me to send some sheet music to her. hopefully i still have said sheet music.
  • an email from some dude who apparently found me on a dating site. creepy.
  • i was asked to write an article or submit an article from my archives for a book of collective stories written by Christian women all over.
  • and lots and lots of spam. which is awesome.

if you’re one of the people waiting for a response (ranging anywhere from December 2011 to the present), i’m working on responding right now! you’ll have something in your inbox today! i promise!

oh yeah, and this is my 400th post here at Grow Up! whhhaaaattt!?  :]


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  1. I have not sent you any emails, but just want to comment on the idea of going a year without checking email. I don’t see how it’s possible to go an hour without checking, let alone long periods of time.

    • I promise you that it is very possible to go almost a year without checkin an email account — especially when you have at least 5 different accounts. I have been checking my work email as well as my personal email — i just haven’t checked my blog’s email in awhile. :[

  2. I wouldn’t worry about the e-mail from a dating site. I’ve also gotten several e-mails supposedly from those sites. But I say “supposedly” because I’ve NEVER signed up for any of them. I assume they got my name off one of the e-mail mailing lists that are for sale, and no doubt did the same for you.

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