Lessons of grace my puppy taught me.

if you read my “pictures to prove it” post you know that I bought an Italian Greyhound puppy back in April. His name is Oliver and he is now (as of this past Sunday) exactly 5 months old.

I consider him my child because that’s exactly what he acts like — a child. he’s attached to my hip. if there’s a group of people around he’ll go up to all of them, but at the end of the day he wants to sit on my lap or lay next to me. when i get home from work he jumps up on my legs like he hasn’t seen me in ages. when we go for a car ride he wants to sit on my lap. if he’s cold, he wants to be wrapped up in my hoody (while i’m still wearing it).

And while all those things are cute, there are times when he’s not cute at all…

like when he poops in the house, or jumps up onto my piano and walks across the keys, or chews up a roll of toilet paper, or rips up the blinds, or eats my hair, or drinks out of the toilet.

and he knows when he’s done wrong. he bounces around and tries to distract me from going into his room so i won’t see the death and destruction he’s left waiting for me to clean up. but as soon as i walk through his bedroom door, he sits and covers his face with his front paws. (despite how angry i might be in that moment, i can’t help but laugh at his guilty reaction).

he’s just learning how to sit and stay on command. and he still has a long way to go. one might think that having champion bloodlines on on both sides of his “heritage” (i guess), he’d catch on a little bit quicker — but not Oliver. he’s not exactly the sharpest crayon in the box. in fact, most times he’s about as dumb as a box of rocks, but i love him anyways. because that’s what parents do, right? they love their children unconditionally – regardless of how intelligent they are, how many times they chew up the blinds, or how often they poop on the office floor.

I cannot tell you how many times I have threatened to sell Oliver to the circus or send him back to Arkansas, but at the end of the day i decide he’s worth the pain and frustration he causes now and then.

I think that’s alot how God’s grace works. time and time again we mess up, we fall short, we destroy things we have no business touching – but there is God, time and time again, giving us second and third and fourth and eighty-seven chances.

because despite how much we may screw it up, God’s always there to come through and clean up after us.

“It’s okay,” He says, “They’re still learning… and they’ve got a long way to go. but that’s what My grace is for. I love them too much to let them go.”


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  1. You’re SO right! That’s God. And I’m so glad!

  2. Good lesson Heather. Thanks. I might make a sermon out of it if you don’t mind.

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