Question of the day: the tea party.

I’m taking three classes this summer – one of which is an American Government class. Granted, I love history – but I really couldn’t care any less about politics. I know I should probably care more, but I just don’t. And because I don’t care, I don’t understand hardly anything about it.

I’m currently working on a paper for my Government class where I have to critically analyze a specific topic related to the American Government. We were encouraged to choose something we don’t already know a lot about (which, in my case, was super easy to come up with a list of topics). In the end, however, I chose to go the route of political parties – more specifically, the Tea Party.

I’m actually enjoying the research I’m doing on the topic. I’m discovering a lot about the political realm that I (obviously) never knew before.

so here’s the question for this week…

Do you think the Tea Party is good for America? or…

Do you think the Tea Party is only adding to the confusion and choas that already exists within the American Government?

I’m not asking you to disclose your political party preference, but if you would like to you’re more than welcome.

Share your thoughts – be nice! šŸ™‚


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  1. My first argument here is that America clearly needs something if we have the TEA Party and now the Occupy movement both with the same basic compaint: “We are fed up with the lies and corruption!”

    The TEA Party generally does things the right way: Peaceful protests with all of the proper paperwork, well thought out requests and even some suggestions on how to proceed, and non-violent and non-crude (in most cases, but every large grouping of people will have bad apples).

    Of many of the groups out there, the TEA Party (as you probably know now, TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already) is one that is better about limiting the confusion. It is their opponents who cause most of the confusion.

    What our nation really needs is the Church to get its act together and share the love of Christ with everyone!

  2. Unfortunately, it looks as if the Tea Party is very, very faithfully following the teachings of Ayn Rand, who in her journal and her best seller “Atlas Shrugged” laid out most of the “conservative” teachings the Tea Party (and other “conservatives”) follow today. She also openly said she wanted to be “the greatest enemy of religion” and was against any sort of helping people. (Show me where the Bible says that, please!) Chuck Colson said her followers were “undermining the Gospel.” So I think we have to be very careful here. The Bible, not the Tea Party or Ayn Rand, should still be our guide when it comes to our policies toward helping seniors, the sick, and anyone else.

  3. Recently in Wisconsin, we had the recall election and Scott Walker won in historic fashion (only 1 of 3 to survive a recall election). I think, despite all the rhetoric, he won for two reasons. He did what said he’d do (and ruffled feathers in the process) but he didn’t do anything reprehensible or immoral. Confusion happens when leaders say one thing, whether liberal or conservative, and do another.

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