Question of the day: psychics.

Woah, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a weekly question of the day post! who’s excited…? 😉

I have a co-worker who occasionally pays a visit to various psychics. Every time she has an appointment she tells me how it went and goes into detail about what the psychics told her. She calls herself a “believer” (in psychics, that is).

As some background info: she was raised catholic, but hasn’t practiced any religion hardly at all in her young adult life. She occasionally would attend services at a Greek Orthodox church now and then. A couple months ago she began attending a baptist church with me and then started attending a local non-denominational church where she is now a member. About two weeks after joining said church, she filled out an application online for baptism and was baptized a few weeks later.

This same co-worker also claims that there are two ghosts/spirits living in her condo with her – an angry old man, and a trickster little girl named Molly. *shudder*

Here’s my question(s) for you this week…

what are your thoughts about psychics…? do you think they legitimately know/can find out the information they tell you, or do you think they’re just sort of winging it…?

As a Christian, do you think psychics and fortune tellers are people we should associate with and frequent for information…?

Have you ever been to a psychic, or would you ever consider going to one in the future…? If you HAVE gone to a psychic before, would you ever go again…? Why or why not…?

Scripture to back up your opinions…?

Ok. Let’s hear your thoughts on this one! But remember – no fighting. 🙂


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  1. I have never been to one, and do not ever plan on it. I believe that the majority of the “psychics” are winging it, but that there are definitely some demonic activities potentially. I think that the spirits can provide a lot of information, but that is messing with things far beyond your control; as well as strictly forbidden by God.

  2. 1 Kings 22:23 KJV – “Now therefore, behold, the LORD hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets, and the LORD hath spoken evil concerning thee.”

    The above verse is part of a sad story involving Jehoshaphat and King Ahab. Because Ahab refused to hear from God, the Lord sent a “lying spirit” to speak through Ahab’s false prophets. Ahab wouldn’t listen to wisdom, so God gave him what he wanted, and therefore encouraged his destruction.

    I would never say that all psychics are fake. To say that would be a wholesale denial of demonic activity. On the other hand, I do believe that most are charlatans that are out for a buck. The others are spiritually misguided and deceived by a real Enemy.

    I have to say, though, that I never cease to be amazed at fortune-telling, palm-reading places that have gone out of business. Couldn’t they foresee that? Why didn’t they know that location wasn’t the best?

  3. There are people that commune w/ “forces” beyond what we see (the super- natural) these people are commonly refered to as psychics. As for a coworker … The duck says “quack- quack”. Not one of those churches she attends would condone psychics. She should pick a doctrine and run w/ it. Because one is more susceptible to a lie… any lie, if they are slack in dwelling on the truth. There are tons of people sitting in “good” churches that chase that psychic, or spiritualism hokum. As a Christian one should have the “God given” scense to leave it be because either it is a scam, or it is Satanic influenced & is far beyond your control.

    It’s like pot, a gateway (drug) to something far worse.

    As a Christian do you really want help from the enemy’s camp?

    Psychics, ouigi boards, spells, incantations, magic (real nit clap trap), summon spirits of all kinds. If you open yourself to them and allow them to visit they will move in. They can even take posession. Christians should stay clear of people w/ firmilliar spirits, it never works out well for us to cozy up to the enemy.

  4. I predict that you will write another post soon, asking thought-provoking questions while provoking questions from the thoughtful.

  5. My first comment is that I agree with what has been said above.

    A girl recently started attending our youth group with some of her friends. She was raised LDS (Mormon), but (at 14 years old) for the last couple of years she has been getting into the rave scene. She sees ghosts and spirits all over the place. It actually encourages me that she is coming, because (except for the rave part) I have been there. She was eager to friend me on Facebook, and I have been able to council her a little. It would be great to talk with her a lot more!

  6. I’m with those of you who’ve already commented. I’ve never been to a psychic, and never will go. As far as whether they have power, in my experience the answer is “all of the above” – some do, many don’t. This is a town where a LOT of that goes on, and we’ve never yet met a psychic who wasn’t also into witchcraft or demons. And in this town, unfortunately, many, many kids think there are only four ways to have any fun: sex, drugs, alcohol, and witchcraft (often starting with ouija boards, or, now, Harry Potter).

    Can I take time to share one story that happened to us within the last week? Our two kids (30 and 32) were outside taking care of the lawn when a group of neighborhood kids came running past. The kids asked where they were all going in such a hurry. “There’s a ghost in Lexie and Bailey’s closet!” they yelled back, referring to a house a block up the street. “We want to see it!”

    Bill and Yvette tagged along, not knowing what to expect. But the mother was very nice to the kids. “Yes, there is a ghost who lives in that closet,” she explained very matter-of factedly. “He follows me around the house. But I don’t think you’ll see him. He doesn’t usually get active till 3 or 4 in the morning.”

    Later, our two kids went back to talk with the family. They both said they could “feel” spirits (not ghosts) all over the house. This had evidently started some years ago when their teen-aged son committed suicide by hanging himself in the closet. The family still has a “we miss you” sign outside. Bill and Yvette asked if the family wanted to get rid of the spirits, but cautioned that if they did, the family needed to accept Christ, because otherwise the spirits would just come back. The family was divided on that – the mother wasn’t ready; two of their girls were, the third girl was intrigued by them and not ready yet. (The stepfather wasn’t there.) So our kids told them to think about it, and when they were ready, they kids would come back and pray over the house. In the meantime, they invited any of the family that were “ready” to come to our house in the evening for devotions (prayer, Bible reading, music.)

    Bill and Yvette’s story dropped on us like a bomb. We’d known for a year or two that that family had problems with spirits, but had no idea it was so bad, or that a “ghost” was following the mother around. We don’t know that any psychics were or weren’t involved, but the “spirits” certainly were.

    If any of you would like to pray for that family, please do. But don’t take it lightly. Even in prayer, you’re dealing with real beings. You have to exercise your authority in Christ, strongly. Right now please pray that the family will see what’s good and what’s bad, and will open their hearts to Christ.

  7. Thanks for those prayers, Heather Joy, More so because my kids tell me I just gave you the bare outline and didn’t get into any of the REALLY scary things. (If you want more detail, the kids can write a description and I’ll send it to you. It gets very specific. My daughter reminded me of lots of other things the family told them.) So I won’t blame you a bit if you’ll decide “no thanks, this much is enough.” Just stand strong in Christ when, and after, you pray for them. In him, we are the winners!

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