This an awesome read… I hope you’ll take the time to read and ponder it for a few minutes.

Life After Death (to self)

I got to East Lansing a little early on Sunday.

For those who are unaware I have been driving out there for church on Sundays.  I am filling the pulpit at Greater Lansing Church of Christ, a small congregation that is interested in getting outside themselves and really beginning to engage their community. I think they asked me to come speak to them about what we are planning to do in Pontiac in hopes that some of that passion would be contagious and they would begin to really think outside the box about how to reach out to folks in East Lansing, but anyway…

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  1. Eh, we can rerely change a person’s preconceived views of us in a short time. Nor can we always control the behavior of others (“christian” or non) and force them to see the worth of a soul rather than the distasteful “yuck” of the sin. But we can walk right, concistantly live as a christian should. We can know what we believe, be able to explain why we believe it, and share it in love. We can be more than just the common christian. We can change what a “common christian” is. Through time we will produce fruit and a spirtiually starving person (saved or lost) will know where they can be fed. We can win others. We can uplift one another. Above all “we can do all things through Christ wich strengtheneth”. Have a great day all 🙂

  2. And kudos to him for being man enough to help out a woman in distredd and not squeemish about “what people will think”. Bet most wouldn’t have bothered to get the seats wet.

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