anything at all…?

life has taken over again, hence the almost-two-week dry spell. but i’m thinking i may have some time this weekend to write a little bit.

so i’m opening it up to you…

is there anything you want to hear from me?
anything you want to know (within reason, folks)?
any questions for me?
any curiosities that you’d like settled?

so, this one’s on you. let me know – leave me a comment and i’ll do my best to respond in a post sometime this weekend. :]

and if no one leaves me any comments regarding things they want to know, i’ll just assume you all think i live the most boring life ever as a hermit in a dark corner somewhere. awesome…


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  1. What message has been rolling around in your brain as of late, and what are your thoughts?

    If you check my blog, I have been thinking about how Christians are like autistic children when it comes to faith and living for God. Also, I am helping lead the youth through a study of who Jesus is based on Luke.

  2. When black chryslers roll down your street, does Eminem music start playing?

  3. Our family’s been most concerned about your health. How are you doing and how is your outlook? (We hope both answers are: very good.)

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