Count me.

I actually had something else in mind to post today until I remembered it’s Valentines Day. or Singles Awareness Day. or the Hallmark Holiday. or whatever you choose to label it as.

So instead of what I was originally going to post, I decided to upload a new “music video” (ish) I made several months back. It’s rough, poor quality, terrible sound, amature singing and piano playing, and one very old picture of myself. ha.

Anywho, it’s the words of the song that really matter… everything else is secondary. The song is called “Count Me” — and I’m not sure who wrote it. So give it a listen and hopefully your ears won’t hurt too bad at the end. ;]

Oh, and while the song’s playing in the background, you could always go back and read last years V-Day post titled “Mucho amore” where I talked about being a blushing bride.

By the way, Happy Valentines Day to everyone! even to any single people out there — go buy yourself some dark chocolate. buy some for me while you’re at it. ha. ;]

Tell me… how do you plan to spend today’s holiday?
If you had the choice, would you rather receive (or give) chocolate, flowers, a nice dinner, a simple card, or some bling?


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