off of work, but it’s no vacation.

i’ve been off work since last tuesday afternoon. not because i’ve been on vacation, but because i’ve been sick with cellulitis. it’s not fun, and it’s not the first time i’ve had it. in fact, i’ve had it about 6 or 7 times before… but this time, it wasn’t responding to any of the medications i was prescribed. my eye was red, it was swelling all around my eye – actually the whole right side of my face was swollen. a scab was forming. it was ugly.

so after two trips to the emergency room, they decided to admit me for a 24-hour stay, which then turned into a 60-hour stay. they pumped I.V. meds into me 24 hours a day. eventually the swelling started to go down a little and the redness started to fade a little.

one doctor expressed concern that what i had might be MRSA. they did do a culture of the spot, but i won’t get the results back for a few days.

finally, yesterday evening they decided to release me from the hospital and send me on my merry way. i have never been so excited to see my own room, lay on my own bed, hug my own pillow, or turn on my own TV.

speaking of TV… i watched more national geographic, animal planet, and discovery channel in those 60 hours than i ever care to admit. which, technically, i just did. whatever.

over the last day or so i’ve developed this nasty cold/sinus congested thing, so i’m feeling pretty miserable at the moment — can’t breathe, congested, drainage, bad headaches, little appetite. blah.

anywho, so that’s how i’ve been spending my time over the past week. it’s been a real picnic. ;]

thank you to those of you who have been praying for me. i really appreciate it.

i hope you all are doing well and staying healthy!


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    • See, “wow” was my initial reaction as well. Then it turned to “c’mon… not again.” Then it turned to one of frustration when the E.R. doctor got annoyed that I came back to the E.R. 24 hours later because it wasn’t getting better. Blah.

  1. Hope it’s over with. But we’ll keep praying for you. (Do every night.)

  2. I hope things improve.

  3. How are you feeling today, Heather? I hope much better.

  4. I am thankful you are doing better! Keeping you in my prayers! I know how awful sinus stuff can be too!

  5. I too have had cellulitis, tho it was on my lower leg. It was the first, and hopefully, last time i’ll get it. I got it in late December-early January. the infection is now gone, but theres still some discoloration and some mild twinges now and again (is that normal?). Some swelling too is evident. hopeing u get better soon

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