how He loves.

because you know how much i love youtube.

i seriously think you’re going to love this video – especially if you like David Crowder, John Piper, and Matt Chandler.

give it a listen and leave your thoughts below afterwards.


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  1. Well, would saying “love it” be redundant?

    And, oh, sorta makes one (hopefully) reconsider the statements of those who say “God hates you!”

  2. A) I want to get the Grammar-nazi side of me out of the way first: My only issue with this video was when the line “Yeah, He loves us!” comes up toward the end it was spelled “Ya He loves us.” I have enough grace to forgive this, but, at the same time, this was such an excellently produced video that a simple typo really stood out!

    2) This is great! I do greatly enjoy David Crowder* Band, and good preaching is always a joy. Putting the two together is simply amazing!

    Also) I can see some people who do not like John Piper (neither here nor there for me, but I know people who tend to not like him. He is a brother in Christ, and that is enough for me.) or Matt Chandler (I cannot see why people would not like him) would greatly enjoy this video, as well. It is just good and true!

  3. Reblogged this on gfjministry and commented:
    let this amazing video capture you into the real meaning of living a Christian life.

  4. Wanna know something interesting? the guy who wrote this song (not Crowder) had written that one line as “heaven meets earth in a sloppy wet kiss”, but Crowder sang an alternate lyric: “heaven meets in an in unforeseen kiss” (see the 4:44 mark of this clip).

    I guess the idea of giving God a sloppy wet kiss creeped out some people.

  5. I’ll always be a John Mark McMillan purist (see my blog for why: but this video deeply moved me. Partly because of how I’m wired, looking at artistically expressive words while I am listening to said words is almost always a direct shortcut to my heart. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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