Jesus & Santa.

who here likes Jesus? *awkward glances around the room*

hopefully ya’ll raised your hands. if not, you’re in deep doo-doo.

who here likes Santa? *again, awkward glances*

if you’re reading this, chances are you’re of an age where you no longer (if you ever) believe in santa. it’s okay to say you don’t like him. i don’t really care for the guy either. if you do like him – more power to you. really, i don’t care.  :]

anywho. i’ve had this in my drafts since last Christmas. yes, you read that right. it’s patiently waiting in my blog’s drafts folder for a year just waiting to make an appearance on the ever-(not at all)-famous “Grow Up!” blog.

well, today is said posts lucky day. so Merry Christmas and if i don’t talk to you beforehand – happy new year!!  :]

enjoy! (i know you will)


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  1. I love that video. Thanks for hanging on for a year.

  2. Merry Christmas, Heather!

  3. Last year we had a Christmas party for the kids in our neighborhood. We put up a big banner on our living room wall that said “Happy birthday, Jesus!” Two of the 13 kids that attended asked, in all seriousness, “Who’s Jesus?”

    We were glad we could tell them.

    Hope you had a good Christ’s birthday! We did.

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