just a few things…

i’m not dead. i wasn’t abducted by aliens. i haven’t gone into hibernation… though it is *definitely* cold enough outside.

i’ve just been… away.

busy. tired. numb. around.

but i wanted to say just a few things real quick.

i miss you all. and i miss our “conversations.” but it’s been a good break… away from all things social website-wise. (except ebay.)

i heard that one of my friends got engaged recently! Congratulations, Andrew! and I heard that another one of my friends and her husband got into a really bad car accident not too long ago. i’m so sorry that happened… and i’m glad to hear you’re both doing better now! i love you.

and because i really don’t have anything else to say because my mind is completely and utterly preoccupied with finals this week, i thought i’d share a song i wrote a couple years ago.

i am by no means a great singer. so just remember that when i squeak and squeal in the video. the song is titled “I Came To Get God,” and it was based on an actual event that took place one Sunday afternoon at my church a few years ago. i hope you enjoy it.

words and music, copyright: Heather Joy
vocal artist: Heather Joy

i hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season! eat some extra Christmas cookies for me (i’m on a diet)!  :]


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  1. Heather, I was just wondering yesterday why I hadn’t seen any posts recently. Glad you’re alive.
    Nice song. Your voice is better than you think. Have a good Friday.

  2. Such a beautiful song Heather!! Made me cry! 🙂

  3. Since I don’t know of any other friends named Andrew, I’m going to assume you meant me… 🙂 Thank you Heather, and I’m glad to hear from you again!

  4. I have finals, too. 2 tests to take, then off on my long-awaited journey through grad-school-ville. 1986 – 2011 for an accredited piece of paper. Think I’ll get it framed?

    • You sound busyyy! Good luck with those finals – i finished mine this past Friday night. *phew*

      i think you should definitely get that “accredited piece of paper” framed… :]

  5. I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!! and I miss you. Lots. I can’t find anyone else with your Heather-ness. Keep in touch, chica! 🙂

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