from my heart to yours.

with the Thanksgiving holiday still fresh in our minds, i’ve had something on my heart for a couple weeks that i wanted to say to you all. now seems like a perfect time for me to say it.

this blog has been up and running since August 2010 and some of my readers have been with me from the get-go. some of my readers are fairly new. some of my readers are people who fly in for an occasional visit, but nothing steady.

i want you to know that i appreciate all of you.

this blog tends to be very male-dominated in regards to the readers/commentors. there are also a few ladies who are pretty regular contributors to the conversation as well. but for the most part, there are men.

most, if not all, of you are far wiser than i am. you have far more insight and knowledge about the things of God than i do. and honestly, i get intimidated real quick by some of your comments – and that’s scary, but it’s also a good thing. i learn from you all more than you know.

a lot of times i don’t communicate much with those of you who comment on my blog. many times i don’t always get around to responding to your “just saying hello” emails. and lately i haven’t visited any blogs and read what you have been writing.

if i had another 24 hours in every day i’d be all over that. unfortunately, work and school basically suck up all of my time.

anywho. i said all that to say that i truly appreciate each and every one of you. if you have ever contributed as a guest poster on here, i appreciate you as well.

i know i may not say thank you as much and as often as i should – and i’m sorry for that. and for the times that i have failed you as a blogger, as a friend, as a sister, as an example, as whatever you needed me to be at any given time – i’m sorry.

so from my heart to yours, i want you to know that you are all a blessing to me. and i’m thankful for you.

may God continue to bless you.


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  1. You are a blessing to us! 🙂

  2. Exactly what was said before me! I have also been busy, so I have read pretty much one other person’s post a day for the past two weeks and rarely commented (Usually Pastor Baker’s, but only because his i4daily’s are so short). Between work, school, and moving the past two weeks (followed by preparing Thanksgiving dinner for the first time … I smoked a turkey while my wife prepared most of the sides), I have not had time. I barely kept up with my blog!

    Love you, miss Heather!

  3. OK, I admit it. I’m a man.

  4. You’re a sweetheart… and not such a bad little woman at that. What you lack in experience you make up in heart and determination (when ever so slightly pushed). There is a lot to be said about passion. Don’t underestimate the power it has. TTFN

  5. Thanks (for the thanks.) You still have all (4) of our prayers.

  6. I appreciate your freshness and raw honesty.

  7. Hey! I’m a female responder. I do not think it is necessary to respond to everyone who makes a comment

    Your job is to write. I think a blogger can become so wrapped up in who does or doesn’t respond that it takes over and can become the focus or reason of your posting.

    Keep on keeping on
    A much older blogger.

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