it’s written in the Bible.

i came across this video a few weeks back and found it very interesting. almost amusing. slightly distressing.

i know people take the Bible out of context all the time to fit their agenda or what-have-you, but there are some times that it still baffles me when they do this.

watch this video to see what i’m talking about, then leave me your thoughts afterwards. if you agree with it, i want to know why. if you disagree with it, i’d like to know why. if you agree only partially, i’d like to know which parts you agreed with and what you disagreed with.

here goes…

so… thoughts?
did they take the Bible out of context, or were they spot on?
are some of the laws they mentioned restricted to Old Testament times?

did anyone else catch the fact that they spelled “testament” in a part of the video?  :]


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  1. Hmmmm. Harry Potter would have been put to death in the OT as would many of today’s Christians without the sacrifice of Jesus…

  2. Frankly, the whole video was biased and antinomian. It was completely void of context, yet full of insinuation that the Bible and its followers are insane.

    For the sake of time I will not address each one of the quotes and Scripture references. But the one that really got me was the part that implied fornication should not be thought of as sinful. Riiiiiight.

  3. I can’t watch this right now due to being at work, but the picture on it is distressing!!

    • Just in case maybe it shows a different picture at different times because it is probably an advertisement, there is a woman without her shirt on. I am sure God would not pleased at that.

      • Ellen, if there is a shirtless women in the video, I never noticed it, and I watched the video several times. :\ So I’m sorry if I overlooked something that’s offensive.

        • I figured that. It’s the still screen before you press play. It has a pair of legs
          (rest of person cut off) and next to that a shirtless lady.

  4. The three rules of sound Biblical interpretations are: context, context and context…First of all I did not see a single verse in that video taken in context. Scripture is self-revealing so when we read it we can cross reference it with itself…we look at it and say: “how does this verse relate to this other verse over here…” and “What does it mean in light of this other verse here…” Secondly I got the feeling half way through the video that it was produced by an athiest or someone completely unfamilar with the Bible simply because of the lack of context it seemed like more of an attempt at a slap in the face than anything else. And lastly I don’t even know what to say really…except this…righteous living does NOT get you into heaven. If it did Jesus wouldn’t have had such a problem with the Pharisees…I understand that it can be a witness to some, but Paul tells us in scripture time and time again if it were possible for man to get to heaven through following the law then Christ would not have had to die for our sins. The law can only show us where we fall short it cannot redeem us.

  5. Is it wrong that I was torn at the multiplied spelling and grammar errors throughout? Plus the content wasn’t the greatest either.

  6. Not sure who did this video, but it’s a terrible way of making a point. Interestingly, I agree in part with its sentiment. That is, when I hear someone use Leviticus to say that homosexuality is sin, I cringe, because I know that pro-gays are going to point out that Leviticus says many other things that Christians avoid or ignore. In the case of homosexuality, the fact that it’s sin is in the reading of the parts of the bible which come before the Mosaic La, and also after. In other words: we can use the part of Scripture which apply to all of us, not just the Israelites, when establishing that same-sex sex is sin.

  7. I agree pretty much every one of these points was taken out of context. As a Christian, one side of me thinks it is funny. I find humour in seeing these odd rules that were written in the Bible, yet I feel I have a deep enough understanding to know which apply today, etc. On the other hand, it’s saddening that sometimes these “rules” are the only thing non-Christians see, and since they do not have a deeper understanding of the Bible as a whole, I fear they are probably more turned away from Christianity because of it.

  8. Just plain weird….

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