my nail polish & our lives.

I have this weird habit… or maybe it’s an obssession… I don’t know. But I can never seem to leave my nails painted all one color for more than a week.

Last night as I was working on a midterm, I spotted a couple bottles of nail polish on my dresser and started going to town on my nails.

The result was each hand having the pinkies painted white with pink tips with multi-colored sparkles all over. The ring fingers painted black with purple and blue sparkles all over. The middle fingers painted black with silver sparkles all over. The index fingers painted white with multi-colored sparkles all over. And the thumbs painted white with multi-colored sparkles and the tips covered in purple and blue sparkles.

In short, my nails are wayyyy different than they were a week ago.

Our lives are supposed to be like my nails. God doesn’t want us to stay the same. He wants us to constantly be changing, to be growing, to be advancing.

Many people would consider my current paint job nothing more than a hot mess. But thats okay because I think it’s awesome.

Many people won’t like the changes you feel are necessary to make in your life in order to better serve God, but thats okay because God will be pleased. and He thinks your awesome.

…and He wants you (and me) to not be stuck on a straight, boring plane. He wants us to be changing… into His image.

*please forgive any typos. This post was typed on my phone.


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  1. Actually, I think there’s a term that might apply to the basis for this post…A.D.D.

  2. It appears that multi-colored nails are the “in thing” these days. Me, I am too lazy to do it. I have shakey hands too, so it never looks good when I do my nails. For the wedding, Melly had to help me because it looked like my 2-year-old niece did them.

    Yes, the Lord wants us to be consistently evolving into His image. When we stand still, or get comfortable, that is when we become easy prey for the devil. Besides, it keeps life exciting as we continue to grow. 🙂

    As far as ADD, I don’t think she . . . hey, what’s that over there?

  3. Hey, I ordered a CD for you and your parents for tonight’s service. It was wonderful! Mrs. Brown’s song was awesome and the message really was powerful! It stirred me up! :

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