when i fall.

i have a question.

when a christian falls and hurts their testimony, what is your reaction to them?

“pfft. i knew this was gonna happen. it was only a matter of time…”

“admit it. you’re whole christian life prior to this was a fake.”

“i can’t believe you! i hope you get right!”

“you’re probably not even saved…”

“she doesn’t care about anyone other than herself.”

“i hope God strikes her good for this one…”

because if you’re reaction was any of those, we have a problem here.

pardon me for not being the image of perfection you conjured up in your mind. i’m not God. i’m a human.

i’m going to fall sometimes. just like King David. just like Sampson. just like Eve.

i’m going to run sometimes. just like Jonah. just like Jacob. just like Naomi.

i’m going to say the wrong thing sometimes. just like Peter. just like Saul.

i’m going to doubt sometimes. just like Moses. just like Thomas. just like John the Baptist. just like Gideon.

i’m going to do what i shouldn’t sometimes. just like Abraham. just like Lot. just like you.

because while i’m saved and have the Holy Spirit indwelling me, i still have a flesh too. and the two are warring – constantly. and i’ve always struggled with my flesh. maybe more so than other people.

and i’ve always struggled with my past. so while it may be easy for you to sit there and say “just give it to God. stop beating yourself up over it. if you’d just let go, you wouldn’t have all these problems.” — just keep in mind that i’m not you. and you’re not me. God made us completely different. i congratulate you for having a greater faith and stronger will than i do. but i’m still growing and struggling.

so when i fall, the last thing i need is another judgement passed. when i fall, it only makes it worse when people speculate that i’m a fake christian. when i fall, if people start talking about what an awful person i am – i start to believe your words. when i fall, pray. and if my words of response to you bite a little, understand. and if i hurt you, know that i’m hurting even more.

everything going on isn’t seen from the surface. there’s alot more behind the seens; beneath the waters; below the stage.

so when i fall and you judge me, just remember I Corinthians 10:12 ~

“Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.”


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  1. I used to be one of those that said those kind of things on a regular basis. That was when I was a full-blown “legalist.” I was convinced that I did nothing sinful, nothing to be ashamed of, and was completely right with God. What I did not understand was that my self-righteousness was not only causing me to miss the power of God’s grace, but it was making me judgmental and prejudice against others who had “fallen.”

    In reality, my own sin was just as pervasive, just not recognized. It took God letting me make some big mistakes, hit rock bottom, even curse Him, to realize that I was no saint. Only at that point was I able to recognize my need for mercy and grace. Only after I fell was I able to understand the depths of pain and embarrassment that so many others had felt. Only then was I able to show mercy and grace.

    Heather, I was shocked at some of your stuff, not because I was naive, but because it came from you. I didn’t expect it in a million years. But hey, it was not a shock to Jesus. The mistakes, the sin – He was aware of it thousands of years ago when He bore them on that cross. So, when it comes to asking our forgiveness for anything, let us be reminded that we were forgiven much, even stuff we haven’t done, yet. Learn and move on. We’re with you.

  2. Love it. Thank you…this needs to be shouted, a lot.

  3. We are to love those that have fallen (if they have fallen) and pray for them. Not criticize them when they are already down.

    Excellent post.

    Sometimes we can be so pious in our thinking that we don’t realizie we are sinning with our ‘holier than thou” attitude. Then we just go on our way and don’t even pray for them.

    Lots of things to think about here, Heather. Thank you.

  4. Guilty as charged….I find myself not so much sitting in judgement as just getting angry when I percieve that another brother or sister is behaving in a way inconsistant with God’s word. That’s when I get out my mirror, and take a look at my own behaviour.. not a pretty sight sometimes. Thank you for the reality check. Bless you and your ministry.

  5. We have a forgiving God who loves us. I know that when we fall, He does not leave us. He may fall silent at times, but He is still there. I also know He is a God of chances (plural!). If he weren’t, I would have been in MAJOR trouble along time ago!! We make mistakes, and the important thing is that we pick ourselves back up . . . let Jesus pick us back up and start over.

    Love ya Heather! 🙂

  6. Mark Labberton’s book “The dangerous act of loving your neighbors” talks about “renaming.” So I, and my family, won’t think of you as “failure,” or whatever word you’d use. When we pray for you (every night) it’ll be “sister,” “friend,” and “someone Jesus loves.”
    And we’ll trust that as those prayers are answered, will name you “winner.”

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