Christianity in a nutshell.

this is a short video explaining what Christianity is in a nutshell.

you think they hit the nail on the head?
or did they leave a few things out?


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  1. The guy who wrote ‘Blue Like Jazz’ (cant recall his name right now) was asked once to defend Christianity. He said it couldn’t because it wasn’t Christianity he followed, but Christ. Reading his book really made me think about words and how affective and effective they are. I tend to agree with him that we have missued the word so much that for many it does not mean anything except pain and judgementalism. In an effort to decide what it meant to me, I have been working towards a Masters degree in theology. What I find is that my definition becomes less clear as I know more. I think the reason for that is that I am realizing that Faith is an internal movement that creates an external shift. I think to define what that shift in a 3 minute video will always result in underdefining what happens when one repents (turns away) to follow Jesus. Further, I think religion can serve to aid or destroy Faith, depending. Anne LAmont says it best, “Religion is for people afraid of going to hell, Faith is for those (of us) who have been there.”

  2. There is a whole lot left out. That video is maybe the dictionary definition of Christianity, but that video sure does not work as a witness of salvation. As mentioned in the above comment, it would be hard to truly grasp Christianity in a two minutes, fourteen seconds video clip.

    Christianity is about repentance of sins and trusting the Lord as your Saviour. Christianity is about having that inner peace and joy that only the Lord can provide. Christianity is about love and forgiveness. Christianity is about knowing we are sinners who NEED to be saved. Christianity is about turning away from our wicked lives and surrendering ourselves to the Lord. Christianity is about separating ourselves from the lost (not physically but in our ways of life) and living unto the Lord. Christianity is about abiding by God’s Word. Christianity is about a humble spirit. Christianity is about decreasing as the Holy Spirit increases within us. Christianity is about unconditional love, as well as a firm stand for the cause of Christ. Christianity is about not accepting sin as right or okay but loving the sinner involved. These are just a few things….. Christianity can’t truly be given “in a nutshell.”


  3. The failure to mention repentance is big, but to answer your question, other than that, it’s a good concise explanation of Christianity, leaving out the things we Christians think are central to the message: abortion,the reason for the season, gay marriage, etc.

  4. itsLamott, no e, and its Miller, 2 L’s.
    Amazing, even in 3 reponses we run the spectrum of opinions. For me the nutshell is the Being aspect–ie loving God/Jesus. The Doing aspect or what is central to the message arent as important to me. It might be the definition of Christianity that we are differing on. I utilize the word in an almost strict Faith definition. I think growing into ‘little Christs’ (which is the breakdown of the word and suffix) is what it ‘takes’ to call yourself Christian. You wouldnt grow into something you didnt believe in, and thats the mustard seed of Faith. The rites and rituals of denomination and religion are less important in my definition and are tools to help on the journey, rather than central to the Good News.

  5. the second time you say Miller has one L. It took me a minute to even see it–I dont think it really matters
    thanks for the comment on my phrasology, I read your blog, good stuff

  6. Didn’t really touch the holiness of God

  7. There is no explanation in a nutshell or otherwise that can put into words the love of a Savior who left the splendor of heaven to come down to earth so that a rebellious, hostile, God-hating people can be redeemed. What can be said about an awesome God who breathed into the dust to form man and then desire that this sinful creation be co-heir with him in a kingdom that will never end? Who can touch on the divine truth that God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten Son to suffer and die knowing that most would reject him? There are no words! I defy anyone to give mere words that can adequately show this unsurpassing love.

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