God loves you.♥

no, i don’t have a normal Snow Day Snippets post for you. sorry. i haven’t had much time to read the blogs i normally stalk… mainly because i’ve been too busy stalking YouTube. (teehee)

i may dub November “YouTube video month” here on the blog because i’ve found several videos i want to share. i’ll still have a few written posts here and there too. maybe. if you’ve been good. if you’re lucky.

today all i really want to say is a simple message – a reminder – a refreshing thought to kick off your weekend.

God loves you. ♥ oh, how He loves you. (i would like some extra cool points for posting not one, but two hearts in this post.)

go ahead… leave a comment with a link to your favorite post on your blog.

a little shameless self-promotion never hurt anyone. hit us with your best stuff! and have a great weekend.  :]


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  1. After a few months of feeling like my writing hasn’t been as good as when I started my blog I was quite pleased with this one: http://nwelford.wordpress.com/2011/11/05/crouching-sin-hidden-dragon/

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